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Hsinchu County Dongxing Canal Light Art Festival Is Officially Lit; Eight Beautiful Installation of Light Art Shine Their Light through the New Year
  • PostDate:2022-12-03
  • Modified Date:2022-12-26


The most beautiful feast of light and shadow art in Taiwan is being held in Hsinchu County. The lighting ceremony of the 2022 Hsinchu County Dongxing Canal Light Art Festival: Starlight Night taking place at 6pm this evening (Dec. 6th) at the Hsinchu County Dongxing Canal Scenic Park. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke; Hsinchu County mascot Pi-pi Lion; and other special guests led county residents in counting down to the lighting of the Wind Flowing’s main lights. This symbolized lighting up hope and a bright future for Hsinchu County. Eight international light-art installations along the four parks of Dongxing Canal shone brightly. Members of the public who attended proclaimed it a magnificently photogenic event!


Magistrate Yang was glad to see people crowding the Dongxing Canal today, and the county government team was also very impressed. The Festival will run from today to January 20 next year, before the Lunar New Year. People of all ages are welcome to visit Hsinchu County's unique riverside parks to enjoy the food and light-art installations. Stroll through a 1.1-kilometer-long dreamy lighting environment, and experience a different kind of starlight. We wish everyone a happy New Year and a merry Christmas.


Yang Wen-ke and mascot Pi-pi Lion also appeared at the market to give out commemorative red envelopes and share the joy with the public. Millie Ah, famed internet singer; iColor, the Golden Melody Award-winning Hakka band; JJ Yuan-Mu Band, the duo band; Cheng Yi-ling, the sweet-voiced singer; and HAOR Hsu, the musical bad-boy, took turns giving exciting performances on stage. They helped audience feel immersed in the pleasing scenery and music.


Hsinchu County Government's Cultural Affairs Bureau Director Lee Anyu pointed out that in addition to the Dongxing Canal Light Art Festival, the favorite children’s event Children’s Fun Carnival is also specially planned for December 24, Christmas Eve. The event features Kids of Rock, the only Hakka children’s rock band in Taiwan, led by the Golden Melody Award-winning producer, Liu Shao-hsi. There will be other children’s favorite activities such as a bubble show, magic show, singing, and dancing. Even more, there will be nearly 100 Starlight Bazaar booths, including cultural and creative products, small farmers’ products, food, and parent-child handicraft activities. It will be a great place to have fun from noon to night, and a great way to spend Christmas Eve!


The activities start at 1pm today. This year, for the first time, we launched the Joyful Painting creation camp; all spots disappeared as soon as online registration opened. The painter Anai will lead all participating families to use their imaginations for more meaningful art. The beautiful scenery, humanity, culture, and ecology of Dongxing Canal will be incorporated into the artworks, which will be displayed on site. Participants, come find your own creations! From 4pm onwards, the Starlight Bazaar, a collection of nearly 100 booths of cultural and creative products, small farmers’ products, food, and parent-child handicraft activities will start serving the crowds. To encourage environmental protection and love for the earth, the first 50 people to rent eco-friendly tableware will receive a limited-quantity NT$100 coupon, which can be used at the event booths.


For more information regarding the event, visit the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government Facebook page and our official website (