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Yang Wen-Ke’s Policy Report Details Governing Achievements Cross-Regional Governance the Path Toward Co-Prosperity
  • PostDate:2023-05-05
  • Modified Date:2023-05-22


Today (the 5th), at the first regular meeting of the 20th session of the Hsinchu County Council, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke’s policy report detailed the policies promotion and governing achievements over the past four years since he took office. He also extended appreciation to the Hsinchu County Government work team for their efforts in holding the National Middle Schools Athletic Games and congratulated athletes from Hsinchu County on achieving good results. Meanwhile, Magistrate Yang emphasized that in the future, he will continue to promote cross-regional governance for regional co-prosperity.


In his report on governing achievements over the past four years, Magistrate Yang stated that after completing its task of building a city of culture, science, and technology, the Hsinchu County Government will move toward the goal of making Hsinchu County a blessed science and technology capital. Special attention will be paid to the development of a sustainable environment. For example, the currently promoted self-driving car test and YouBike 2.0 bicycles have been well received by the public. To achieve the goal of making the County a science and technology capital, the government will continue to promote the development of Taizhi Park and Kesan Park and work hard to court investors. The work in the Hsinchu County Government is highly complicated. With the advice and guidance from the council, while providing services for the County residents, the government will also carefully examine its work for further improvement.


Magistrate Yang mentioned that the county government hosted several cross-region cooperation platforms meetings this year, including the Taoyuan City—Hsinchu City—Hsinchu County—Miaoli County Regional Governance Platform and the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform. The County government also held a Summit for Co-Prosperity Among Science and Technology Parks, Cities, and Counties. In the future, under the framework of cross-regional governance, Hsinchu County Government will handle issues through meetings with other cities and counties. Cross-regional governance is the best way for counties and cities to cooperate. It will facilitate the resolution of residents’ problems and is also the most effective way to help the County government govern.


Magistrate Yang made 154 political promises when he took office, and 142 of them have been fulfilled, with an achievement rate of 92.2%. The remaining 12 political promises are designed as medium and long-term projects and are currently in progress. Additionally, to eliminate the “sludge effect” and benefit the residents, the county government reviewed its administrative process and came up with a total of 192 measures to simplify the process. Fifty-eight measures have been implemented this year. There will be more to come to benefit the residents. The life park plan, one of the Five Arrows, is being finalized under an environmental impact and health risk assessment in accordance with due procedures. At present, there are many different opinions. Today, many concerned villagers came to the County Council to understand the issue. The county government will review the plan based on residents’ opinions and provide explanations. The Hsinchu County Government work team will work hard to explain the benefits of the plan to residents. There are bound to be different opinions regarding the important projects that the county government is promoting, and the government absolutely respects public opinions.


Regarding the Taoyuan City—Hsinchu City—Hsinchu County—Miaoli County regional governance and cross-regional cooperation, this year Hsinchu County and Hsinchu City signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Cooperation of Hsinchu County–Hsinchu City Integrated Communication Platform. Both governments also reached a consensus on cooperation on a total of eight issues regarding transportation and environmental protection. Additionally, the Hsinchu County government, the Hsinchu City government, Hsinchu Science Park, and the Allied Association for Science Park Industries jointly held the Summit for the Park, County, and City Co-Prosperity. The Summit passed six cooperation proposals. Hsinchu County will also host the Taoyuan City—Hsinchu City—Hsinchu County—Miaoli County Regional Governance Platform and Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform heads of counties and cities meetings this year. The Hsinchu County Government will be instrumental in hosting the event and bringing counties and cities together for cooperation in various areas to create regional co-prosperity.


Hsinchu County has a large Hakka population. At the invitation of the Taoyuan City Government, it will fully cooperate in the curation of the 2023 World Hakka Expo to promote Hakka culture in Hsinchu County. Additionally, the county government will cooperate with the Hakka Affairs Council and the Taoyuan City Government to co-organize the World Hakka Forum in September this year to show the world the Hakka spirit in the residents’ belief in hometown protectors’ solidarity and endeavors. Moreover, the Hometown Protectors Temple’s blessing ceremony, which has not been held for 15 years, will be held on the 21st day of the tenth month of the lunar calendar this year. The event is dedicated to inheriting and promoting Hakka culture and making it known to the world.


Sustainable development is an important part of governance. In response to global sustainable development and international integration, the County government has completed the Hsinchu County Sustainable Development Voluntary Review Report to demonstrate its determination to promote sustainable development. In terms of green transport development, with “people-oriented sustainable smart green transportation” as the main policy direction, the Hsinchu County Mass Rapid Transit System rail transportation will connect with the bus system, public bicycle YouBike 2.0, and the high-speed rail self-driving cars that are currently undergoing daytime testing. Together with the central government’s plan to promote the use of public transportation, the network also connects neighboring Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, and Miaoli County. These networks have a great appeal for people to use public transportation and would make Hsinchu County a sustainable city.