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Six Unique Small Parks Open to the Public in Hsinchu County Children Are Having Fun in the Parks
  • PostDate:2023-04-29
  • Modified Date:2023-05-22


April is the month for children! Under Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, Hsinchu County has built six fun, new, unique “Little Bamboo Picture Book” children’s parks, which are definitely the best gift one can give for Children’s Month! Today (the 29th) marked the opening ceremony for the six parks: Gong 12, Er 22, Er 24, Gong 25, Gong Er 27 and Gong Er 30. The ceremony was held at Zhubei’s Er 22 King Flower Park. Deputy County Magistrate Chen Chien-hsien was also present to have fun with the children at the Park Unboxing Party.


In addition to the opening ceremony, an opening event was held, featuring a Park Unboxing Party. Booth Activities included performances, challenges, DIY mosquito-proof incense bags, and other scientific hands-on experiences. The event attracted many parents, who brought their children to participate. Children who successfully completed the challenges were delighted to receive picnic mats and limited-edition file folders as prizes. Hsinchu County Government also invited the local Hsinlei Dance Team and Good Play Troupe to perform magic tricks and parent–child plays. The children joyfully ran around the new park, playing to their hearts’ content.  


Deputy Magistrate Chen stated that Hsinchu County Government will make every effort to provide more high-quality and diverse recreational spaces, in addition to actively promoting the transformation of parks. Furthermore, acting on the principle of uniting for a common cause, the government will brainstorm with local officials and representatives to determine how best to improve everyone’s living environment, and will work together to ensure that Hsinchu residents enjoy a more conformable life.


Chen Wei-chi, Director of the Economic Development Department of the Hsinchu County Government, explained that the six parks are small in scale but exquisite, and are categorized as neighborhood parks. By employing the characteristics of the Little Bamboo Picture Book, different play features are ingeniously integrated into the designs of the playground equipment. For example, the Er 22 Park where today’s opening event was held features the theme of “King Flower”, which is suitable for schoolchildren of different ages. The park’s playground equipment is all petal-themed, and incorporates flower-shaped designs into slides, climbing nets, climbing walls, and climbing ropes for children to grasp, climb, and balance on when playing.


The theme of Er 24 Park is “Little Snail’s House”, and the park is mainly designed for preschool children. The designs of the small playing platforms, swings, cabins, spinning wheel, and sandpit guide children’s creative thinking and curiosity. The theme of Gong 25 Park is “Little Monkey Forest”. It focuses on climbing and swinging, which train children’s muscles. The park also retains facilities for younger children, such as log stumps and low climbing facilities. With log toys and sawdust pavement creating visual harmony with the landscape and trees, the narrow and long park playground has a natural appearance.


The theme of Gong 12 Park is “Giant Butterfly”. The park is designed for younger children. Facilities such as butterfly-shaped crawling nets and caterpillar crawling drill pipes can train children’s skills in crawling, balancing, and climbing. The butterfly theme conveys an expectation that children will be able to emerge from their cocoons as they grow strong to become beautiful butterflies. The theme of Gong Er 27 Park is “Swinging Beetle”, evoking a Hercules beetle in the insect world. Climbing facilities for children and adults are set up to train physical coordination and balance. The park also has a set of fitness equipment, with different floor mats and pavements suited to the purposes of different sections.


Gong Er 30 Park is a “Mushroom Castle”. It has bright red and white mushroom castles and various playground equipment, including climbing pipes, drilling pipes, rock climbing walls, slides, etc. Children can choose from among mushrooms of different heights and sizes as challenging obstacles to overcome when playing.


The locations of the six Small Bamboo Picture Book parks are as follows:

  • Gong 12 Giant Butterfly Park - intersection of Xinxi Street and Huaxing Street
  • Er 22 King Flower Park - intersection of Zhuangjing North Road and Shengli 15th Street
  • Er 24 Little Snail House Park - intersection of Zhuangjing 5th Street and Section 1 Shixing Road
  • Gong 25 Little Monkey Forest Park - intersection of Ziqiang 1st Road and Wenxing Road
  • Gong 27 Swinging Beetle Park - intersection of Xianzheng 20th Road and Lane 33 of Xianzheng 18th Street
  • Gong Er 30 Mushroom Castle Park - intersection of Guangming 8th Street and Xianzheng 13th Street.

Parents are invited to take their children to explore different parks. For any information and updates, please follow the Facebook page of “Colorful Birds and Parks.”