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Enhancing Hsinchu County’s International Visibility and Showcasing High-quality Agricultural Specialties in Japan
  • PostDate:2023-10-07
  • Modified Date:2023-10-27


To enhance the international visibility and tourism appeal of Hsinchu County, on the eve of National Day, the Hsinchu County Government collaborated with the Fukuoka Branch of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka (referred to as TECO in Fukuoka) to host a National Day reception and a special exhibition featuring various agricultural specialties from Hsinchu County on October 6 in Fukuoka City, Japan. This event aimed to promote awareness of Hsinchu County’s high-quality agricultural specialties throughout the Kyushu region and warmly welcome Japanese friends to visit Hsinchu County, experience Hakka culture, and savor its delicious cuisine.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke stated that Hsinchu County has maintained long-standing friendly exchanges with Japan—especially with Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu—since signing a “Taiwan–Japan Exchange Agreement” in 2017. There has been close cooperation between official and non-official organizations in various fields, including economics, culture, sports, and agricultural specialties.


To introduce more Japanese people to the local agricultural specialties of Hsinchu County, the Hsinchu County Government collaborated with the TECO in Fukuoka to organize a National Day reception. At the event, they showcased souvenirs such as Emei Oriental Beauty Tea, Baoshan olives, Beipu Leicha (ground tea), Guanxi grass jelly, as well as a Japanese translation of the Hsinchu County tourism brochure. This was done to promote Hsinchu County’s beautiful landscapes, abundant natural resources, warm hospitality, and delicious Hakka cuisine to Japanese people. It is hoped that Japanese people will have the opportunity to visit Hsinchu County and experience its multifaceted charm, including its technology hub and cultural richness.


Honored guests at the National Day reception included key figures in politics, economics, academia, and media from the Kyushu and Yamaguchi regions, as well as important figures in friendly Taiwan–Japan relations. This included members of parliament, local government leaders and councilors, business leaders, university presidents, and overseas Taiwanese community leaders. The event aimed to strengthen the bonds between Taiwan and Japan and promote the specialties of the counties and cities involved.