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Taekwondo Committee of Hsinchu County and Taekwondo Association of Yongin City, South Korea Sign MOU to Increase Opportunities for Exchanges and Off-Site Training
  • PostDate:2024-03-25
  • Modified Date:2024-04-11


To enhance international exchanges between taekwondo athletes, the Taekwondo Committee of the Hsinchu County Athletics Federation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Taekwondo Association of Yongin City, South Korea today (March 25th). The signing was witnessed by Hsinchu County Deputy Magistrate Chen Chien-hsien. In the future, athletes from Hsinchu County and Yongin City can visit each other during winter and summer vacations, receive training in each other’s respective facilities, participate in international competitions, and further their learning of taekwondo.


Deputy Magistrate Chen indicated that he was representing Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke in witnessing these exchange related to taekwondo between Hsinchu County and Yongin City. He also presented a souvenir to the Taekwondo Association of Yongin City, South Korea. Deputy Magistrate Chen previously served as chairman of the Hsinchu County Athletics Federation for eight years, and strongly supports sports development. He also mentioned that athletics is thriving in Hsinchu County, and that he is pleased to see that after signing the memorandum of understanding, opportunities for exchange between the Taekwondo Committee of Hsinchu County and the Taekwondo Association of Yongin City will be increased. He also welcomed the visit by the Taekwondo Association of Yongin City to Hsinchu County.     


Deputy Magistrate Chen stated that since County Magistrate Yang took office, he has placed great importance on sports development and actively helped the development of talented athletes to establish a strong foundation for sports in the county. Through the cumulative efforts over the past few years in Hsinchu County, competition results have continued to improve, and the public’s interests in sports has been growing vigorously. Deputy Magistrate Chen expressed hopes that the signing of this MOU will enhance the prestige and competitive athletic level of taekwondo in Hsinchu County. He also expressed hope that all athletes can demonstrate the results they have accumulated through daily practice, and strive for glory in the arena.   


Liu Kui-hsiung, chairman of the Hsinchu County Athletics Federation’s Taekwondo Committee, and Park Yun-ho, president of the Taekwondo Association of Yongin City, exchanged souvenirs and gifts. Both signed the memorandum of understanding, and indicated that they will continue to actively promote grassroots taekwondo athletics in the future and enhance international exchange between South Korea and Taiwan.


President Park expressed his gratitude to the Taekwondo Committee and to the Hsinchu County Government for their assistance in facilitating the signing of the MOU. He expressed hopes that athletes from both places can exchange taekwondo techniques and encourage mutual developments in the future, creating a closer exchange relationship between the two countries.


Chairman Liu indicated that taekwondo is prevalent in South Korea, and the population of Yongin City is similar to that of Hsinchu County. The signing of this MOU will result in increased opportunities for off-site training and exchanges, thereby enhancing the experience of Hsinchu County athletes and helping athletes from both Yongin City and Hsinchu County learn from each other’s abilities.


Education Bureau Deputy Director Lin Yi-chou; Vice President Baek Guhyun, Secretary-General Kim Jin-hae, Directors Cho Seung-Won, Choe Seung-jin, and Bae Yu-cheol, General Affairs Committee Chairman Park Chan-hee, and Competition Committee Chairman I Eun-seong of the Yongin City Taekwondo Association; as well as Secretary-General Chen Chun-hsien and Secretary Hsueh Chao-hsuan of the Hsinchu County Taekwondo Committee were all in attendance at the meeting.