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Marshall Islands Ambassador to Taiwan Visits Yang Wen-ke; Both Sides Will Strengthen Indigenous and Hakka Cultural Exchanges
  • PostDate:2024-03-21
  • Modified Date:2024-04-12


Marshall Islands Ambassador to Taiwan Anjanette Kattil, visited Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke and the county government team today (March 21st) to discuss potential cooperation and to establish a sister-city exchange relationship. Magistrate Yang and Ambassador Kattil had a friendly discussion on bilateral relations; they exchanged views on urban industry, education, and cultural promotion. Magistrate Yang was optimistic about establishing a sister city relationship with the Marshall Islands. He expressed hopes of strengthening bilateral relationships in culture, arts, student exchanges, and industrial technology development. Detailed plans for future exchanges have been developed to build a bridge of friendship between the two parties.


County Magistrate Yang stated that he warmly welcomed the visit from Ambassador Kattil and Deputy Chief of Mission Anjanette Anjel. He expressed gratitude to the Marshall Islands for supporting the Republic of China (Taiwan) internationally, and for speaking up for Taiwan in the international community over the past 26 years of diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Ambassador Kattil, who presented her credentials in Taiwan last year for her second posting as ambassador, has consistently supported Taiwan. Magistrate Yang extended special thanks to Ambassador Kattil for her steadfast support.


Ambassador Kattil congratulated Magistrate Yang on his re-election, which she proves his effective leadership. She also complimented Magistrate Yang on his vision for Hsinchu County, such as development as a Tech Capital and the emphasis on Hakka culture. She found these initiatives inspiring, particularly noting that she considered Hakka language and culture to be extremely unique. This has motivated the Marshall Islands to promote numerous activities related to unique languages and cultures. She expressed hopes that, in the future, the 60 students from the Marshall Islands who are studying in Taiwan will have the opportunity to participate in local cultural activities, showcasing the unique culture of the South Pacific’s Marshall Islands.   


Magistrate Yang indicated that, under the “ The Tech Capital, Happy Hsinchu County” banner, Hsinchu County has clusters of industries such as semiconductors, information and communication technology (ICT), and biomedicine. The county government is also actively developing the International AI Smart Park, and HSP Baoshan phases I and II. These initiatives aim to transform Hsinchu’s high-tech industries into R&D centers and smart factories for AI, 5G communication networks, and semiconductors. With prosperous development of the technology industry, opportunities will be taken in the future to introduce industrial environments, and students from the Marshall Islands will be welcomed to work in Hsinchu County after graduation. Currently, 60 students from the Marshall Island are studying in Taiwan. In the future, they will be invited to participate in county government-organized events to gain a deep understanding of Hsinchu County’s culture.  


Ambassador Kattil mentioned that, over the past 26 years, the relationship with Taiwan has become stronger and stronger. Most local exchanges have been conducted through establishing sister-city relationships. Ambassador Kattil hopes to develop even further exchanges to promote closer ties between the two countries. One of the methods to develop this close relationship is to increase opportunities for person-to-person interactions. In particular, both Taiwan’s Indigenous peoples and the people of the Marshall Islands belong to the Austronesian language family, creating quite a close relationship. Taiwan is like an extended family, where everyone feels like relatives. With this foundation, she hopes to cultivate even closer relations between the two countries. 


Regarding cultural exchanges, Magistrate Yang mentioned that a diverse range of ethnic groups reside in Hsinchu County. In particular, the Atayal and Saisiyat Indigenous peoples, who share linguistic roots with the Marshallese, belong to the Austronesian family. The county government is dedicated to the Indigenous peoples, including initiatives like the first Indigenous exhibition and sales center, Wah! Mcisal, located in Zhudong. This center is rooted in Indigenous culture and incorporates local cultural creativity, giving play to Indigenous talents and strengthening native languages. Magistrate Yang welcomed future bilateral discussions to enhance Indigenous cultural exchanges.


Public Information Department Director Wei Wen-yuan (Vivienne); Cultural Affairs Bureau Director Chang Tsung-yao; Education Bureau Director Yang Chun-tzu; Administration of Indigenous People's Affairs Vice Administrator Liao Kui-chih; General Affairs Department Director Chou Chiu-yao; Environmental Protection Bureau Deputy Director Liao Ying-ying; Economic Development Department Deputy Director Chiang Li-hsien; and other members of the county government team also attended the exchange event. Interaction there was lively and enthusiastic.