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Austrian Commercial Office Representative Visits County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke to Exchange Views on the Technology Industry
  • PostDate:2024-01-22
  • Modified Date:2024-04-12


Hermann Ortner, representative of the Austrian Commercial Office, visited Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke today (February 22nd). The two parties exchanged views on technology- and industry-related matters. Magistrate Yang indicated that Hsinchu County and Austria are extremely similar, both being hubs for high-tech industry. This was the first exchange between Hsinchu County and the Austrian Commercial Office. Magistrate Yang expressed hopes to build a bridge of friendship between the two sides, and looks forward to having numerous opportunities for cooperation and exchange in the future that will promote mutual progress and prosperity.


Magistrate Yang stated that Hsinchu County is the “Silicon Valley of Taiwan” and an internationally renowned high-tech hub, having industry clusters such as semiconductors, information and communication technology (ICT), and biomedicine. The government is actively promoting the “Greater Silicon Valley” plan that will encompass Taoyuan, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli, and other areas. This expansion includes an expansion of Zhunan and Hsinchu Science Parks. Hsinchu County has also developed the International AI Smart Park and is collaborating in development for TSMC’s Baoshan Phase I and II. Notable, TSMC’s global R&D center in Baoshan Phase I was launched last year, and will eventually have 8,000 R&D personnel working there.    


Economic Development Department Director Chen Wei-chih added that the AI Smart Park has attracted four major technology companies, bringing in 4,000 job opportunities and at least NT$100 billion in annual production value. The AI Smart Park is set to start operations in June or July this year. In the Fengshan Industrial Zone, 19 machinery- and semiconductor-related companies have already moved in; and 12 of the companies are already in operation.    


Public Information Department Director Wei Wen-yuan (Vivienne) invited Representative Ortner to learn more about industry in Hsinchu County, and suggested planning a tour for Representative Ortner to deeply experience the cultural charm of Hsinchu County. Just as Austria that is not only known for advanced technology but is also the center of music, Hsinchu County possesses a rich cultural heritage and abundant tourism resources, while also working hard to develop advanced technology. Hsinchu County is worth visiting and exploring.


The Austrian Commercial Office is affiliated with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and is a major agency providing foreign trade services. Representative Ortner indicated that the purpose of this visit was to establish channels for future exchanges and cooperation with Hsinchu County. Austria and Taiwan have close bilateral trade relations in technology-related industries. Just as the “Home of Gamblers” could only be Las Vegas, the “Home of Semiconductors” could only be Hsinchu. Currently, Austria already has four semiconductor-related companies based in Hsinchu City.  


Ortner stated that Austria is interested in the Taiwanese market and will continue to establish offices and bases in Taiwan’s counties and cities. He believes that future business cooperation will flourish, particularly in the machinery and semiconductor sectors. He also expressed his gratitude to Director Wei for arranging this visit so quickly, and to Director Chen for giving an overview of Hsinchu County’s industries. Director Ortner said he would take the information on cultural exchanges to the responsible departments in his office, so that collaboration and exchanges can progress in many directions.