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 1. Civil Affairs Department:

Local governance administration, household registration, religious affairs, folk customs, international relations and Hakka affairs, military administrative affairs, funeral and cemetery management, and public enterprise.

 2. Finance Department:

Financial administration, tax administration, public property, government bonds, public treasury, cashiering, treasury fund payments, local finances, and tobacco and alcohol administration.

 3. Economic Development Department:

Industrial and commercial development, Mainland China affairs, commerce, urban planning and development, consumer protection and fair trade, residence and market management, public enterprise, and investment promotion.

 4. Transportation and Tourism Department:

Traffic management, transportation planning and oversight, tourism business development and promotion, tourist service center management, tourist attraction operation, bed-and-breakfast (B&B) and hotel management, hot springs development and construction, traffic control, tourism construction, and parking facility construction and management.

 5. Public Works Department:

Civil engineering, road construction, sand and gravel collection, hydraulic engineering, sewage system construction, building and construction management, use management, and other public works.

 6. Agricultural Department:

Agricultural, forestry, fishery, husbandry and farmers’ associations management, agriculture and livestock promotion, wholesale produce market management, soil and water conservation, agricultural road systems management and maintenance, natural ecology conservation, and animal and plant health inspection and oversight.

 7. Social Affairs Department:

Social affairs, social welfare, cooperative business, charitable business and social assistance, social welfare, and public organization consultation services.

8. Labor Affairs Department:

Labor-management relations, labor organization, labor requirements, labor education, employment consultation service, labor recreation, labor welfare, vocational training, foreign worker consultation and management  services,  and labor safety and hygiene.

9. Land Administration Department:

Land registry, land ownership, land value, land use, land consolidation, land measurement, land requisition and general land administrative affairs.

 10. Administration of Indigenous Peoples Department:

Indigenous peoples administration and indigenous affairs related financial and construction management.

 11. General Affairs Department:

General development planning, general development research, control and evaluation, public information services, information technology, legal affairs, legal mediation administration, public petition, state compensation, public relations, news, official seal, official correspondence, file management, and general affairs.

 12. Personnel Department:

County government personnel management.

 13. Budget, Accounting and Statistics Department:

County government budgeting, accounting and statistics.

 14. Civil Service Ethics Department:

Civil service ethics management.

 15. Public Information Department: