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Magistrate Yang Reports on New Year’s Projects at Hsinchu County’s New Year Flag-Raising Ceremony
  • PostDate:2024-01-01
  • Modified Date:2024-02-17


The 2024 Hsinchu County New Year’s Day Flag-Raising Ceremony was held today (Jan. 1) in the square in front of the Hsinchu County Government building. Led by Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, nearly 6,000 people participated in the ceremony. Attendees included heads of County Government departments and offices; Hsinchu County Council Speaker Chang Cheng-jung; county council members; mayors of the county’s 13 townships; representatives of people’s representative bodies; a variety of agencies and organizations; and a large number of Hsinchu County residents. Magistrate Yang also reported on projects for the new year, and how Hsinchu County Government will continue to implement transportation and educational services for the public. With the goals of “Working Hard for the County’s Economy, Focusing on Culture and Education, Enjoying Societal Benefits, and Living in Peace”, 2024’s projects will continue to promote the vision of “Building a Tech Capital and a Happy Hsinchu County”.


In his report to Hsinchu County residents about the new year’s projects, the first thing Magistrate Yang noted was that the Hsinchu County Government Long-term Care Management Center was formally opening that same day. This move brings together the Public Health Bureau, the Social Affairs Department, and 302 long-term care organizations to provide convenient services to those who need them. The second thing Magistrate Yang noted is how, with a focus on Hsinchu County’s long-term development goals, the County Government is continuing push for the Hsinchu Science Park Phase III expansion and the Taiwan Knowledge Economy Flagship Park. The government is also making plans to build a “Science Park Bridge” to connect two parks, with hopes of easing traffic issues on roads near Hsinchu Science Park.


The third thing Magistrate Yang mentioned is the HSR Corridor Road Extension for Hsinchu Science Park to connect High Speed Rail Liujia station to Hsinchu City’s Li Hsin 3rd Road. Magistrate Yang added that the corridor was to be officially inaugurated the next day (Jan. 2). The fourth thing on Magistrate Yang’s agenda for this year is the Baoshan Interchange Corridor, which will open to traffic soon. The fifth is education. Hsinchu County Government has proposed four programs with high schools, including the plan to collaborate with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) to build an experimental high school. The proposal has already been passed by the NYCU University Council. Wenxing Junior High School will become a full (junior and senior) high school, and Liujia Senior High School and Hukou High School will be adding student capacity. Magistrate Yang said that he hopes the central government will pay attention to enrollment issues. He emphasized that national high schools fall under the purview of the central government; and he expressed hopes that such schools will add enrollment, and that the Ministry of Education will give their concrete commitments to do so.


Looking back over the past year, said Magistrate Yang, the County Government team has encountered many challenges. He expressed gratitude for all the support from County Council Speaker Chang Cheng-jung, Deputy Speaker Wang Ping-han, and all the councilors. With their support, the County Government was able to give it their all and pursue the vision of “Building a Tech Capital and a Happy Hsinchu County” to achieve the goals of “Working Hard for the County’s Economy, Focusing on Culture and Education, Living in Peace, and Enjoying Societal Benefits”.


The Flag-Raising Ceremony began with an opening performance by the International Nature Loving Association ROC. The performance was lively and joyful; they performed “The Song of Brightness” and “March of the Youths of Nature” for the crowd, in hopes of creating an atmosphere of hope for the brand new year, with a peaceful society, a prosperous nation, and a sense of security for the people. The next performance was passionate kids from the MIKI Dance Studio. Their awesome, cute, and joyous dance styles as well as advanced dance skills captured the entire audience’s attention. The final and highly anticipated performance was a spectacular taekwondo event presented by the members of the Ho Taekwondo Gym. The students’ fighting spirit and focus created a fluid beauty of power and elegance, embodied through hand and foot with speed and strength. Their final, exciting smash raised the curtains for the flag-raising ceremony.


At this year’s flag-raising ceremony, three backdrops with 2024 motifs were set up for attendees to take photos against. with, as well as two gigantic gachapon machines that have been all the rage recently. Parents and kids were able to turn the knob together and get prizes. This attracted many attendees to flock forward for photos and raise their own flags.


On the ceremonial stage, Magistrate Yang presented plaques of gratitude to all the organizations that had helped plan the ceremony. Recipients include the Chinese Marine Veterans Corps Association in Hsinchu, the Hsinchu County Taiji Qigong 18th Form Coaches’ Promotional Association, the International Nature Loving Association ROC, MIKI Dance Studio, Ho Taekwondo Gym, and more. Magistrate Yang thanked all of them for their support and assistance.


County Council Speaker Chang Cheng-jung; Deputy Speaker Wang Ping-han; Councilors  Cheng Mai-chin, Tsai Chih-huan, Shang-kuan Chiu-yan, Chiu Ken-tung, Chang Liang-yin, Chen Kai-jung, Wu Hsu-chih, Lin Yu-yu, Chen Po-cheng, Hsu Yu-hsin, Lo Shih-chi, Lo Mei-wen, Wang Chen-hsiang, Lin Chao-chi, and Lin Shuo-yen; Councilor Chang Chia-yuan’s assistant; Chu Chien-ming’s secretary; and Legislator Lin Szu-ming were all present for the ceremony. Additional participants included Zhubei City Mayor Cheng Chao-fang; Zhudong Township Mayor Kuo Yuan-chang; Xinfeng Township Mayor Hsu Wei-chieh; Xinpu Township Mayor Chen Ying-lou; Guanxi Township Mayor Chen Kuang-tsai; Hengshan Township Mayor Chang Chih-hung; Beipu Township Mayor Chuang Ming-tseng; and Wufeng Township Mayor Chiu Wei-shu.