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Hsinchu County Local SBIR Achievement Exhibition: Yang Wen-ke Encourages Participants to Pursue Excellence and Face Future Challenges
  • PostDate:2023-10-23
  • Modified Date:2023-10-27


The Hsinchu County Government actively promotes the “Innovative Research and Development Project for Local Industries” (referred to as the Local SBIR), which enhances the competitiveness of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through innovation and research grants. Today (October 23), an exhibition was launched to showcase the project’s achievements, highlighting the 2022 accomplishments of 32 companies from the cultural, creative, and digital technology industries. The exhibition will run for 9 days, from now until October 31. Members of the public are invited to witness Hsinchu County’s local innovation and experience the breakthrough achievements of SMEs.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke attended today’s event to present awards to outstanding companies and commendation certificates to companies that successfully completed their projects. He expressed his gratitude to the recipients for their hard work in research and development (R&D). Magistrate Yang visited each exhibition booth and listened to the companies’ explanations of their design concepts and related research achievements. Energy at the event was high, with prizes awarded to attendees who completed questionnaires.


Magistrate Yang emphasized the importance of innovation and R&D for a company’s growth. He stated that pursuing excellence and facing challenges is essential, as without innovation, there is no future. While not every R&D endeavor succeeds, courageously taking on challenges is the path to success. The Hsinchu County Government has made various preparations, including SBIR funding support and professional guidance, to ensure that SMEs have ample opportunities for development. Magistrate Yang welcomed businesses to come to Hsinchu County and work together for mutual success.


The Hsinchu County Economic Development Department stated that, since the Local SBIR project was restarted in 2019, it has provided subsidies to 109 businesses, with a total investment of over NT$85.62 million, resulting in a production value of over NT$320 million. Every NT$1 invested by the Hsinchu County Government has generated NT$3.8 in output from local SMEs, contributing to overall industrial development. In 2023, the Hsinchu County Government has continued to actively promote the Local SBIR project, aiming to create a friendly environment for innovation, share the risks of the R&D process, and encourage local SMEs to engage in innovative R&D.


The outstanding grant recipients for 2022 include:


Studio Smoll Co., Ltd.: Leather materials tend to warp and stress during production, necessitating experienced craftsman who can select materials and cope with manufacturing difficulties. Studio Smoll Co. Ltd. overcame these problems and successfully crafted a lightweight, easy-to-carry, user-friendly folding leather wallet while emphasizing environmental considerations.


One-Ing: By combining silkscreen printing techniques with traditional papermaking methods, One-Ing created Donghai Tianzhong screen-printed handmade paper. This allowed them to produce locally designed products and offer experiential courses, conveying the warmth and emotion of handmade production while demonstrating their love and respect for local characteristics.


Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.: Developed a smart baby mattress by utilizing non-invasive fiber-optic physiological monitoring technology. Additionally, they introduced an integrated service platform that allows for remote collaborative use—the first of its kind in Taiwan. This innovation aims to create a friendly childcare environment and equipment while enhancing the quality of childcare.


Richlink Technology Co., Ltd.: Transformed existing communities into smart communities by implementing a resource management platform and Internet of Things devices. These technologies connect various facilities such as parking, security, fire protection, lighting, power, and surveillance to create a one-stop experience centered around homeowner needs.


Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.: Applications for pluripotent stem cells have been limited due to the lack of reliable preservation and transport methods. Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd. developed an open-and-use model based on high-efficiency cell therapy culture media to addresses these issues, benefiting patients with diabetes.


Chief SI Inc.: By combining existing production line machinery and clamping fixtures, they created a simple, cost-effective system that doesn’t require specialized vibration analysis engineers. This system is used for the rapid testing, analysis, and diagnosis of abnormal sounds and vibrations in gear production lines.


The Hsinchu County Economic Development Department pointed out that 35 businesses have received subsidies so far in 2023. They hope that in the future, more businesses will benefit, and more high-quality local brands will shine. The Local SBIR project lays the foundation for Hsinchu County to support local SMEs and traditional industries as they invest in innovative research and development.