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Chairman of Japan–Taiwan Friendship Association Visits Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke to Strengthen Tourism and Educational Exchanges
  • PostDate:2023-10-15
  • Modified Date:2023-10-27


On October 6, Toru Hoshihara, Chairman of the Japan–Taiwan Friendship Association, paid a visit to Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke. Both parties had fruitful discussions on tourism and educational exchanges. Additionally, Chairman Hoshihara was asked to promote tourism in Hsinchu County to the people of Japan upon his return home, in hopes that more Japanese people will visit Taiwan and experience the beauty of Hsinchu County, with its pristine natural landscapes and warm hospitality.


Magistrate Yang mentioned that, after the easing of the pandemic in November of last year, a delegation from Miyazaki Prefecture including Deputy Governor Toshiro Hinokuma, Speaker Kazunori Nakano, and former Speaker and current Chairman Toru Hoshihara visited Hsinchu County. Their visit facilitated the resumption of exchange activities between Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture when travel restrictions were lifted.


As a result, in late April of this year, in response to an invitation from Miyazaki Prefecture Governor Shunji Kono, Magistrate Yang, along with former Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, invited artists and representatives from various sectors in Hsinchu County to participate in the “Miyazaki International Music Festival 2023”. They also collaborated to organize the “Hsinchu, Taiwan - Hakka Culture and Art Exchange Exhibition in Miyazaki”. Furthermore, Deputy Governor Toshiro Hinokuma led a delegation to visit Hsinchu County and was welcomed by Deputy Magistrate Chen Jian-xian. During the visit, they explored places like New Tile House to learn about Hakka culture and engaged in activities such as crafting marigold flowers, which helped them gain a deeper understanding of Hsinchu County’s industrial development.


Due to the pandemic, the Hsinchu County–Miyazaki Prefecture youth baseball exchange was suspended for 3 years. However, in July of this year, at the invitation of Chairman Hoshihara, Hsinchu County Education Bureau Director Yang Chun-tzu led the Zhongshan Elementary School baseball team to visit Miyazaki for exchange activities. This marked the fifth visit of the Hsinchu County youth baseball team to Miyazaki for exchanges involving baseball and education, among other activities. Magistrate Yang mentioned that during this visit, he and Chairman Hoshihara discussed the possibility of a Japanese baseball team coming to Taiwan for an exchange next year, as well as educational exchanges between high schools in Miyazaki Prefecture and Hsinchu County. With over a decade of friendship between the two regions, they are committed to facilitating and enhancing each exchange activity to strengthen their bond.


As the Double Tenth National Day approached, Wei Wen-yuan, the Director of Hsinchu County’s Public Information Department, also presented a national flag emblem to Chairman Hoshihara and helped him put it on his suit. Chairman Hoshihara gladly accepted the gift and mentioned that he would wear it during his time in Taiwan. Director Wei also mentioned recent media reports discussing a decrease in the number of Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan after the pandemic. He expressed hope that Chairman Hoshihara, upon his return to Japan, will assist in promoting Taiwanese tourism, encouraging more people to visit Taiwan and explore the beautiful landscapes and warm hospitality of Hsinchu County. Chairman Hoshihara expressed his willingness to help in this regard.