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Liu Xing-qin Comic Museum Inaugurated
  • PostDate:2018-03-23
  • Modified Date:2018-03-23

Liu Xing-qin Comic Museum InauguratedHsinchu County Government has integrated various elements, including Hakka culture, comics, and railways, to make Neiwan the base for the inheritance of culture and art and the dream factory of comics. The unused space in Neiwan Elementary School has been utilized to establish “Liu Xing-qin Comic Museum,” which is officially inaugurated on the afternoon of March 16th. Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun hopes to take this opportunity to facilitate local development and enhance the visibility of Hsinchu County as a tourist destination.
The museum can be divided into 6 areas, including the “comic interaction area,” “comic book reading area,” “space-time corridor,” “comic creation area,” “time traveling area,” and “everyone is a comic artist.” In addition, the museum collects Mr. Liu Xing-qin’s original drawings, inventions, and creations, which are highly educational and culturally valuable.  When you travel in Neiwan, don’t forget to visit this museum. Perhaps you will find something great unexpectedly.
CO-founder and President of Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) John Jung was specially invited to the opening ceremony of the comic museum. He stated that he was happy to see many people’s joint efforts to revive culture and art, and felt really privileged to share the stage with the well-known comic artist to inaugurate the museum. Besides, to celebrate its opening, the museum has invited another prestigious Taiwanese comic artist Gao Yong to exhibit his works, so don’t miss it!
Principal of Neiwan Elementary School Chen Zhi-ming specially appreciates Magistrate Chiu for his support for the comic museum. The county government provided a subsidy of $10 million in 2015 for the restoration of the campus and invited Liu Xing-qin to produce comic works on two walls. In 2016, the county government provided $950 thousand for the first phase of the establishment of the comic museum. In addition, he is also grateful to Director-general of K-12 Education Administration, MOE, Chiu CHien-kuo for his assistance. K-12 Education Administration provided a subsidy of $4.4 million for the second phase of the establishment of the comic museum, making it better organized.
Mr. Liu Xin-qin provides valuable creations for the comic museum, allowing it to become a great space for learning and promoting comic creation. In the future, the museum will display works created by more comic artists, become the dream platform for comic artists all over Taiwan, and keep improving the artistic atmosphere in Neiwan Comic Village.