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Hsinchu County Government pumps 2.5 billion dollars into local construction in Zhudong Township
  • PostDate:2017-11-24
  • Modified Date:2017-11-24

Hsinchu County Government pumps 2.5 billion dollars into local construction in Zhudong TownshipIn the past, Zhudong Township was one of the three major townships in Taiwan. Due to the decline of forestry and mining, Zhudong still needs a final push to reach a population of 100,000 to be elevated from a township to a city. On November 21st, Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, along with several government officers, including Secretary General Cai Rong-guang and Director of General Development Dept. Chen Guan-yi, went jointly with councilors to inspect many sites under construction in Zhudong. The sites included the connecting roads under the overpass of High Speed Rail, the dorm of Forestry Bureau, Hakka Music Village, the park at Taiwan Cement Redevelopment Zone, the Heart of Zhudong—Zhongxing River, and so forth. Magistrate Chiu emphasized that these major constructions are a must. With 1 billion dollars funded by the central government’s Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, we could foresee the bright prospect of Zhudong.
Magistrate Chiu and councilors checked over the road construction from the 5 villages adjacent to Hsinchu City, and then moved downtown to know more about other construction plans. Councilor Luo Ji-xiang said he was totally amazed while Councilor Peng Yu-mei said she saw the future and hope of Zhudong. Councilor Lin Zhao-qi also showed gratitude for the central government’s support and hoped both the central and local governments could make Zhudong better together.
Director of General Development Dept. Chen Guan-yi revealed due to limited time, the councilors only went to the sites that had been mentioned in the county council. In fact, during the 8-year term, Magistrate Chiu has finished a lot of constructions in Zhudong, including Zhongzheng Bridge, Zhudong Anime Park, Sports Park for Pets, baseball and softball fields and bikeways. Besides, the construction of sewerage systems is also underway. With great infrastructure, Zhudong will become a shining pearl once again.