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Magistrate Chou Leads a Delegation to Japan to Sign an Exchange Agreement
  • PostDate:2017-03-03
  • Modified Date:2017-03-09

Magistrate Chou Leads a Delegation to Japan to Sign an Exchange AgreementHsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun led a delegation to Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan from February 21 to 24 to sign a Taiwan-Japan Exchange Agreement. In the future, exchange of art, tourism, industry, education, sport and agriculture will be enhanced between the county and the prefecture. Magistrate Chiu pointed out that, they are looking forward to frequent interaction and exchange especially in large scale events to help both sides become more friendly and LOHAS oriented. On the first day of the visit, the delegation visited many places including Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park and Kirishima Sun Marine Stadium.

On February 22, led by Hoshihara Toru, the Speaker of Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly, the delegation visited Yamatokenn Company(大和検査鉱業) to see the advanced technology, which can transform bamboo into cattle feed. This technology is able to make a saving of approximately 6 million yen per year, increase added value, and improve the living standard of farmers. Magistrate Chiu said that, like Miyazaki Prefecture, there is an extensive area of bamboo cultivated in Jianshi and Wufeng townships of Hsinchu County, so it may be feasible to develop the technology in Hsinchu. He hoped that, with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan and Miyazaki Prefecture, a seminar on international industrial innovation can be held to put the idea of refined agriculture into practice in Hsinchu. To better understand various industries in Japan, the delegation also visited an elementary school, a distillery, a floor factory and met the Mayor of Miyakonojō. Magistrate Chiu hoped that the journey would provide new ideas and new directions for education and refined agriculture in Hsinchu County.

On February 23, the delegation visited the renowned glass artist Mr. Kuroki Kuniaki’s Glass Gallery at Aya-cho in Miyazaki City. Magistrate Chiu was deeply impressed by the works of the Golden Rooster on display. Guided by the artist himself, Magistrate Chiu even tried his hand at glass blowing. At last, Magistrate Chiu invited Mr. Kuroki to hold an exhibition in Hsinchu County so that the Romantic Provincial Highway 3 Plan may have more highlights.

Magistrate Chiu said that, this series of exchange visits can establish deep friendship between Hsinchu and Miyazaki. He also invited the prefectural government to lead a delegation to Hsinchu County, stressing that future exchange with respect to large-scale events will be more frequent.