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Hsinchu County Establishes a Public Security Network Through Technology for Aboriginal Tribes
  • PostDate:2017-01-19
  • Modified Date:2017-01-19

Hsinchu County Establishes a Public Security Network Through Technology for Aboriginal TribesIn the run up to Chinese New Year, Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun and Commissioner of Hsinchu County Police Bureau Wen Chih-fa visited Nanqing County Highway to encourage police officers and thank them for their hard work. Local tribal people were also invited to attend the forum on “the construction of a governance platform through technology”. The government hoped to help the police maintain public order and security through the mobile Internet and personal devices.

Hsinchu has an extensive mountainous area which accommodates 72 aboriginal tribes.  Due to the difficult terrain, travelling between tribes is not easy, which makes the police unable to reach every corner. Hence, how to prevent crimes from happening in the area becomes an important issue. Magistrate Chiu visited police stations at Shangping, Wufeng, Maopu, Taoshan and Qingquan etc. to acquire an understanding of the current status of public security in Wufeng Township and police officers’ duties. He said that many services provide by the county government such as the application of the National Health Insurance card and the Police Criminal Record Certificate are gradually shortening the gap between urban and rural areas. In addition, he hoped that the public security network will accelerate Hsinchu County’s move towards a “smart city” and effectively improve public security.

The forum, which took place at Taoshan Elementary School in Wufeng Township, presented the local residents with current and future efforts at public security. Moreover, personnel credited with cracking the case of illegal logging happening last December were commended. Commissioner Wen said that applying technology to the local governance platform will allow the police to deal with various emergencies instantly and allow resources to be dispatched better. When the public security network is set up, all units will be immediately contactable in the event of any situation in the future, and thus crimes can be effectively prevented.