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Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun Visits Beijing to Promote Hsinchu County ‘s Tourism and Agricultural Products
  • PostDate:2016-12-30
  • Modified Date:2016-12-30

Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun Visits Beijing to Promote Hsinchu County ‘s Tourism and Agricultural ProductsAccompanied by representatives from several farmers’ associations and travel-related business operators from Hsinchu County, Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun traveled to Beijing to take part in an exhibition trumpeting Hsinchu’s famous agricultural products and tourism. The aim was to introduce mainland friends to the unique landscapes and products of the county, promote the tourist attractions of each township, and introduce the Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park, a source of deep feeling that links both sides. Wearing a creative T-shirt bearing the words “Hsinchu hao shuai” (literally means Hsinchu is really handsome), Magistrate Chiu promoted the county’s special products to Taiwan Affairs Office Minister Zhang Zhijun and Beijing Vice Mayor Wang Ning by serving them Hsinchu’s famous cuisine, meatballs and Oriental Beauty Tea. He also invited mainland friends to be guests of Hsinchu County and buy its fine products.

Magistrate Chiu pointed out that the county has beautiful mountains, lakes, and coastline, and its amusement parks, recreational farms, Hakka culture, good food, and aboriginal charms which are all highly distinctive. In recent years, he has taken agricultural products not only to China but to ASEAN’s Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan to expand the sales, attract tourists, and strengthen cultural and economic exchange.

The popular products displayed and sold at the Hsinchu County stalls were traceable and safe. Moreover, the packaging of the products was specially designed. Some packages emphasized Hakka culture while some are environmental-friendly, which made the products really decent gifts. The exhibition team also distributed the travel handbooks named “Come play in my home, Hsinchu County.” In the handbook, four routes for a two-day trip around Hsinchu and a five-day package tour around western Taiwan are recommended so that people in China would know that Hsinchu County is really a must-visit place when they travel to Taiwan.