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The 2017 Calendar Released by Hsinchu County Fire Bureau Catches the Eye
  • PostDate:2016-12-08
  • Modified Date:2018-07-31

The 2017 Calendar Released by Hsinchu County Fire Bureau Catches the Eye

Hsinchu County Fire Bureau issued its 2017 calendar today. In the calendar, handsome and beautiful firefighters were enlisted to enact rescue scenarios. The Fire Bureau said that this calendar tells the stories of 12 firefighting heroes to give the public a better understanding of their work.

Hsu Chao-pang(許釗滂), a renowned photographer in Hsinchu County, was commissioned to take photos for the calendar. The contents of the calendar focus mainly on their daily work. The photos show the intense concentration of firefighters when they carry out rescues, along with their ripped, husky, and muscular physiques. The calendar includes 12 themes such as “professionalism,” “honor,” “protection,” “perseverance,” and so on, allowing people to see those firefighters’ tenderness and fearlessness. The models for the photos were handsome male and attractive female firefighters from the Fire Bureau. Their beautiful fit bodies, one of the highlights of the calendar, visually displays the results of hard work in personal training.

The Fire Bureau said in recent years, the work of fire departments has attracted more and more attention from society, and the public have ever-increasing demands in terms of service quality. In response, the bureau is constantly seeking improvement regarding the vehicles and equipment used by firefighters on duty as well as their training. By doing so, people may feel that firefighters’ professionalism is being enhanced, and that fire departments are more trustworthy. And this is why the calendar is published.