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Unveiling of Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park’s 3D Mural Happy Paradise
  • PostDate:2015-12-14
  • Modified Date:2015-12-14

Unveiling of Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park’s 3D Mural Happy ParadiseZhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park opens on a trial basis on December 18 this year. The Park’s operating philosophy is to provide a platform for animation and comic creativity. The Park’s first artists-in-residence, Liu Cong-rong (Floating Cloud) and Chang Jing-yu (Show Off), have created the 3D painting series “Happy Paradise” on a wall in a corner of the Park.Inspired by the children’s song Happy Paradise; the paintings are full of childish fun and ingenuity; also, inspired by Enchanted Forest, the pair have painted a lion and an owl on the water tank, inviting visitors from all across Taiwan and beyond are invited to come and rediscover childhood memories.   

Park Director Cherry Huang (Huang Qian-ying) said that Flotaing Cloud and Show Off have a fresh, easy-on-the-eye painting style and can be classed as therapeutic artists. Their 3D mural Happy Paradise gives people a happy and warm feeling and reflects the Park’s aim of becoming a space where family members can interact to bring them closer together. Other artists lined up as future artists-in-residence include Mr.OGAY Love, Hsu Jose and famous French illustrator Max Ducos.

Floating Cloud said “Every person’s life is like a story book, stories are woven together to make the memories of growing up, memories permeate life, life becomes a series of stories; new experiences generate new products.” When he hears Happy Paradise, it always brings back happy childhood memories; consequently, with the idea of combining happy memories and stories, the 3D mural Happy Paradise was created with the aim that every visitor visits  the Park can find happy moments and feelings from their childhood and can also create new happy memories.

The Park will open on December 18 and will operate on a trial basis until January 31, 2016. During this period, visitors who have their photo taken with the 3D mural Happy Paradise at the Park, post it on Facebook and send the image to the Park’s Facebook Happy Paradise special zone will have a chance on winning a Pikachu T-shirts and paper tape for participating this event.