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Seeded teachers complete animation software training course
  • PostDate:2015-11-27
  • Modified Date:2015-11-27

Seeded teachers complete animation software training courseAfter receiving the donation of 89 sets of CrazyTalk Animator 2D animation software from Reallusion Inc., to promote the application of the software in animation teaching, Hsinchu County Government held the Animation software teaching seed teacher training course on November 19-20 at HCC Edu. Development and Information Institute. County Magistrate Chiu, Ching-chun was on hand to encourage the teachers from 83 elementary schools and 6 junior high schools who were undergoing animation software training for the first time, expressing the hope that the concept of animation tool can be spread to raise the level of animation ability of students.  

Magistrate Chiu paid a visit to Reallusion in July, during which he discussed expanding the use of animation and comic elements in cultural education. Chairman Wang, Hong-xiang informed Magistrate Chiu that Reallusion holds a number of international patents and is one of the world leaders in animation; as well as cooperation with  200-300 college departments and high schools in Taiwan. Reallusion animation tool use is being promoted to nurture student innovation. The company also staged an international student animation competition in 2013. Chairman Wang was moved by the importance attached by Magistrate Chiu to promoting animation elements, donated 89 sets of easy to learn beginners’ application software CrazyTalk Animator 2D, and set about implementing the seeded teacher training plan by providing trainers.

Head Trainer at Reallusion Wu, Jing-yao explained that the two day training course allowed the seeded teachers to produce a virtual representative of themselves. The use of rich resources speeds up the digital teaching material production process and allows the teaching to flow freely so the attention of students is retained,

CrazyTalk Animator 2D changes the animation production mode so animation teachers do not require high-level animation skills, meaning that schools can offer animation courses even if they don’t have specialized animation teachers. With a rich resource bank available, animation is no longer hard to grasp technology and children of any age can have fun producing animation.