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The Unveil Ceremony of Provisional Office of Hsinchu International Organic Agricultural Park Creates a New Vision for Organic Agriculture in Hsinchu
  • PostDate:2014-11-21
  • Modified Date:2014-11-21

The Unveil Ceremony of Provisional Office of Hsinchu International Organic Agricultural Park Creates a New Vision for Organic Agriculture in HsinchuThe unveil ceremony of Provisional Office of Hsinchu County International Organic Agricultural Park and the experience camp took place at Yi He Yuan (Green Farm), Ruanqiao, Zhudong on the morning of November 14. The event, held by Hsinchu County Farmers’ Association, aimed to internationalize the local agricultural products and brand the organic agricultural products in Hsinchu County through food and farming education and farming experience. Young men from the USA and other ten countries were invited to come and learn more about the local organic agriculture and agriculture-friendly environment in the hope of attracting international attention.
The event started with the passionate and energetic dance by young performers from Brazil and Mexico. It reached the climax as the foreign students sang the song “Hakka Spirit” together with the visitors. The guests at the ceremony included Chiu Ching-Chun, Hsinchu County Magistrate, Chen Yi-Huang, the Director of Agriculture Department, Huang Shih-Han, the Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, Legislators Lu Dong-Wen and Tseng An-Shen, Wen Bi-Cheng, Executive Secretary of Hsinchu County Farmers’ Association, Xu Zhao-Zhang, Mayor of Zhudong Township, and representatives and chiefs of villages. They joined Chen Li-Long, the owner of the Organic Agricultural Park to unveil the Provisional Office of Hsinchu International Organic Park. They also signed contracts with local pear and mushroom farmers, marking a milestone for the development of organic agriculture in Hsinchu County.
“As they broadened their international horizons, we would also market Hsincu County to the world.” Magistrate Chiu said in his speech, welcoming the young foreign friends to Hsinchu County to experience the farming life and the beauty of Hakka culture. Furthermore, Ruan Qiao, Zhudong is expected to become a hub for the development of organic agriculture in Hsinchu through the event. The industry, the government, and the academic will all work together to improve food safety as well. Organic farming would help to reduce the pesticide residue. People will hence feel safe, relieved, and happy as food safety is guaranteed.
Diana from the United States said that it was a fresh and interesting experience. She hadn’t had many chances to get exposed to organic agriculture and farming life. She was really happy to meet students from different countries. In the afternoon, she would also experience a different culture at the aboriginal tribes. She looked forward to having a beautiful memory.
Executive Secretary Wen emphasized that Hsinchu County Farmers’ Association spared no effort to promote organic agriculture. Its major goal is to develop high-quality, wholesome, and non-pollutant organic agricultural products in hopes of protecting environmental quality, maintaining living standard of citizens, and creating a sustainable agricultural environment in Hsinchu County.
Source: Chen Li-Long, Board Director of International Organic Agriculture Park, Ruanqiao, Zhudong (0936-168098)
Editor: Chen Chang-Shun