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Stunning and Shining: 2014 Zhubei Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County inviting everyone to taste Yuanxiao (rice balls), solve lantern riddles, and carry lanterns around
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

Stunning and Shining: 2014 Zhubei Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County inviting everyone to taste Yuanxiao (rice balls), solve lantern riddles, and carry lanterns aroundOn Feb. 7, the Zhubei Lantern Festival is going to unveil the opening of “2014 Lightening Hsinchu, Brightening Lantern Festival” at Culture Park and Reptile Park, with “Pegasus welcoming Chinese New Year” and “Aladdin lanterns” as its themes to present a visual feast to visitors. A merry-go-round will be set up at the park area for children to ride on. Free horse-year lanterns will be given away to visitors, and a variety of raffle prizes are already in stock and ready for being taken home. In addition, YOYO Family, the female star of Super Idol Miu Chu Li-Jing, and celebrated diva of variety shows Pai Ping-Ping will take the stage to give stunning performances at the night party on Feb. 14. All citizens must not miss out this feast!

Considering the approach of Lantern Festival, the Zhubei City Office held “2014 Jai-Wu Year Zhubei Lantern Festival Press Conference” in Culture Park at 10am on Feb. 6, with mayor of Zhubei City Yang Jing-Ci, chairman of Zhubei City Representative Council Lin Qi-Xian, representatives, and village heads as speakers. Furthermore, director-general of Civil Affairs Department Wu Sheng-Qi, director-general of Transportation and Tourism Department Wang Jin-Cang, team of legislator Xu Xin-Ying, and team of councilor Ho Kan-Ming also showed up with their sincerest congratulations, wishing the great success of the Lantern Festival. At the press conference, the opening was marked by the performance “ten thousand horses galloping ahead” to celebrate the upcoming “Minor Chinese New Year”─Lantern Festival (Yuanxiao) in the bright and cheerful atmosphere. 

The Hsinchu County government has been dedicated to developing industries and building local prosperity, and has succeeded in attracting 40 billion dollars of investment promotion and creating 9,000 local job opportunities, the director-general Wu Sheng-Qi stated. Wu mentioned the importance of developing cultural and creative industries while the urban area is progressing, and emphasized that hosting the Lantern Festival can shape Hsinchu County into the Happy City gathering technology, creativity and rich cultures. 

“I like the Kung Fu Panda lanterns,” and “That Hello Kitty lantern is prettier,” said a few kindergarten children, expressing their excitement with fun and childlike innocence. Yang Jing-Ci, the mayor of Zhubei City, recommended citizens join this grand event to appreciate the exquisite lanterns and splendid fireworks in celebration of the Lantern Festival. Moreover, visitors can drop by the Cultural Center in Zhubei to board on a cultural journey and Zhubei Guangming Commercial District to dig in the exotic cuisine. Everyone must come to celebrate the Lantern Festival together!

Following the unveiling of “2014 Lightening Hsinchu, Brightening Lantern Festival,” a string of festivities will kick off in separate townships of Hsinchu County:

─February 13: Baoshan Township, “Eating at Noon” (打中午) Cultural Festival & Hakka Opera
─February 14-15: Xinpu Township, Lightening Lanterns for Sky Mending Day (天穿日) & Reappearance of Japan’s Aomori Nebuta "King of Dragon" (青森睡魔龍王) Lanterns
─February 14-16: Hukou Township, Centenary Prosperity of Yuanxiao (Lantern Festival) in Hukou Old Street
─February 16-19: Zhudong Township, Zhudong “Sky Mending Day” Taiwan Hakka Mountain Song Contest
The County government invites all citizens to participate in the series of festivities to embark on an in-depth tour and exploration of Hakka cultures, thus promoting the majestic natural landscapes and unique cultures of Hsinchu County.

For more information, please visit the official website of Zhubei Lantern Festival:

Source & Contact Person: Luo Ri-Chang, Section Manager of Zhubei City Office, Hsinchu County 
Tel: 03-5515788
Writer: Chen Chang-Shun