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Internet without borders: another 6 hotspots of free wifi-iTaiwan expanded in Hsinchu County
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

Internet without borders: another 6 hotspots of free wifi-iTaiwan expanded in Hsinchu CountyTo react to Hsinchu County government’s iTaiwan hotspots program, Chunghwa Telecom set up another 6 hotspots of free wifi─iTaiwan this year, which has totaled to 73 hotspots of wireless Internet across the government offices, libraries and Neiwan commercial district in the County with its monthly attendance reaching 20,000. On the afternoon of March 11, Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun delivered the certificate of appreciation to Chunghwa Telecom at the directors’ meeting in recognition of their assistance to set up the wifi hotspots, thereby fulfilling citizens’ needs of Internet access during outdoor leisure or business activities.

High-speed wireless Internet has, nowadays, become a necessity for the modern society, Magistrate Ciu remarked. Chiu also stressed the convenience of a city’s free wifi should hold to provide citizens with Internet access whenever and wherever they go. Chiu expressed special gratitude to Chunghwa Telecom for building the hotspots of iTaiwan and offering the mobile Internet services to facilitate citizens’ lives, to boost the work efficiency and competitiveness, to attract more investment, and meanwhile to boost the County’s economic prosperity. 

Since May 1, 2013, the County government has already set up 67 hotspots of iTaiwan at 61 agencies and facilities in the County, including government offices (administrative agencies, Household Registration Office, Public Health Center, etc), education and culture facilities (Cultural Affairs Bureau, libraries), and Neiwan Old Street district, and the cumulative attendance topped 210,000 in 2013.

Seeing the increase in users of mobile devices, some citizens suggest to the County government that free wifi service should be expanded to outdoor leisure facilities or sport venues. To address this issue, 6 outdoor hotspots of iTaiwan has been installed at the information desk of First Stadium, the bleachers of Second Stadium, Hsinwawu Hakka Cultural Conservation Area’s He-Cheng Square, gathering hall, east-side lawn and north-side lawn respectively in the County. To meet citizens’ needs of wireless Internet access, the setup of hotspots was completed and announced its official operation at the end of February, 2014. The hotspots coverage is extended to more corners of the County, and the citizens can access the free wireless Internet with faster speeds and better quality. 

Source: Information Management Section of General Development Department, Hsinchu County Government 
Contact Person: Shen Hui-Hong (Tel: 03-5518101, ext. 3766)
Writer: Chen Chang-Shun