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A green-energy, environmental-friendly and leisure mixed-use center "Lifestyle Center" with a high-tech theater to enter the Taiwan High Speed Rail's Hsinchu station area
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

A green-energy, environmental-friendly and leisure mixed-use center The Hsinchu County government has been actively undertaking the engagement of investment promotion, and has successfully attracted technology and biomedical industries to march into the County to date. In collaboration with the County government, Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) is to invest NT$ 800 million in building Taiwan’s first mixed-use open leisure center “Lifestyle Center,” which will be neighboring with Hsinchu station of THSR and featuring the combination of shopping, restaurants, theater and green square, by the third quarter of 2015. Special invitation will be sent to Benoy, an internationally renowned British architecture firm, to conduct the overall planning. The Lifestyle Center will be 3 minutes far from the THSR Hsinchu station, and a vast area of green land and plantings will be covering the whole outdoor square. The total floor area for future construction is 7,418 pings (equal to 24553.58 square meter), and a variety of leisure and recreational business such as a theater with 8 halls and approximately 1,200 seats, specialty restaurants, trendy shops and lifestyle shops will march into this mixed-use center. 

Along with Da Xiang Development Corporation, the THSR held the signing ceremony of “Development Project of Theater in THSR Hsinchu Station Area” on the morning of February 27. The design of Lifestyle Center combines Hsinchu’s unique natural element─winds of September with the concept of streamlined THSR train to build a drafty and streamlined commercial building with 1 to 2 stories by borrowing the green roof, rainwater harvesting and renewable energy lighting as the design ideas. The 3-story high center with a basement floor will feature a theater equipped with 3D imaging technology and stunning sound effect, and a green gallery will form along the outdoor green square. The launch of Lifestyle Center aims to improve the public interests, to create local job opportunities, to form a community, to carry out environmental protection by using green energy, and to ultimately build a sustainable leisure park by borrowing the image of Hsinchu as the city of technology, the chairperson of THSR Ou Jin-De announced at the signing ceremony. 

The Deputy Magistrate Chang Jen-Hsang attended the ceremony to witness this historic moment. The Hsinchu County government has been sparing no effort to push the industrial development forward, and has attached great importance to the public needs such as transportation, public security, and environmental protection, Deputy Magistrate Chang stated. Chang added that through THSR’s development of Hsinchu station area and collaboration with the County government, the local employment rate can be boosted. A triple-win situation can be reached through the trilateral effort of corporation, government and private sector, thus attaining a brand-new milestone for the County’s development of leisure tourism.

The benefits of “One Day Living Circle” have been brought and spread to all people since the operation of THSR, and the development of THSR Hsinchu station area is expected to yield holistic business value of station area and district prosperity, thus once again inviting everyone to appreciate the achievement, the THSR declared.

Source: Public Affairs Office of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)
Contact Person: Lu Yi-Pei (Tel: 02-87892000, ext.72709)
Writer: Chen Chang-Shun