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Optimistic about the prospects of Hsinchu County: Over half of Taiwan's top 10 construction companies marching into the County for investment and business expansion
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

Optimistic about the prospects of Hsinchu County: Over half of Taiwan's top 10 construction companies marching into the County for investment and business expansionFor many years, the Hsinchu County government has been sparing no effort to build a city of hope, brightness and technology. Through the collective efforts by the County government, County Council and county residents, major construction projects have been completed one by one and more investments have been attracted, earning Hsinchu County the first place in investment promotion appraisal conducted by Ministry of Economic Affairs. This honor demonstrates how the administrative achievements of the County government outshine other cities in Taiwan. Moreover, considering the promising potential for local development and the County government's determination and accomplishment, half of Taiwan's top 10 construction companies began to set their foot in the County to invest in the construction projects, according to My Housing Magazine. Above all, the march of HighWealth Construction and FarGlory Land Development into Zhubei has marked a milestone of the land development in Hsinchu County.

An official survey has shown that Hsinchu County is voted the No.1 Happy City in the main island of Taiwan with low unemployment rate and high employment rate. In addition, the net immigration rate tops the Taiwan main island and the crude birth rate has ranked 2nd for 4 straight years. The construction companies already “smelled” the unlimited potential of Hsinchu County and were attracted to inject investments in this land, the Director-general of the Public Works Department Wan-Zhao Fan said. This phenomenon has given birth to the economic prosperity and increases in job opportunities, once again indicating that Hsinchu County is an age-friendly, livable and healthy city.

Over the recent years, some of Taiwan's top 10 construction companies such as FarGlory Land Development, HighWealth Construction, Chungyuet Group, Fong-Yi Group and Fu Yu Construction have expanded their business in Hsinchu County. HighWealth Construction, a company that has pinpointed Taipei City and New Taipei City as the sites for construction projects in the past, invested in building two 27-story buildings in the 3-phase municipal administration district of Zhubei City. Aside from HighWealth Construction, FarGlory Land Development, an international construction corporation that creates economic output worth over a trillion (NTD) for Taiwan every year, is to construct 4 buildings with over 20 stories in the vicinity of Hsinchu Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail and future Zhubei campus of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Source: Wan-Zhao Fan, Public Works Department of Hsinchu County Government
Tel: 5518101 ext. 2500
Compiler: Rui-Yun Fan, Press Section of General Development Department
Tel: 5518101 ext. 3912