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Community Health and Vitality Contest with a total of NT$ 1,200,000 to be awarded to winner
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

Community Health and Vitality Contest with a total of NT$ 1,200,000 to be awarded to winner“Get up and move up!” shouted everyone in the hall of Hsinchu County government with passion and vigor in the morning. The guests, under the lead of Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun, joined the practice of health exercise. Hsinchu County was certified as the International Health City on March, 2013. Accordingly, to promote the administrative ideas of Health City Year, the County government launched the “2014 Health City Hsinchu Moving up─County Community Health and Vitality Contest.” A total of up to NT$ 1,200,000 will be given away to the winners, and the champion who seizes the grand prize will be rewarded a maximum of NT$ 300,000. 

In shaping Hsinchu County into the Health City, through the effort by County government, a total reward of NT$ 1,200,000 has been raised by collecting resources from all sectors of society. Each event of the contest aims to promote Hsinchu County’s top 10 souvenirs, Hakka cuisine, health and sanitation. A variety of healthy and entertaining activities are primed to kick off, and delectable food will be provided, thus motivating the community residents to go outdoors and vitalizing the community. In addition, by hosting the string activities of “Hsinchu Moving Up,” vitality and health can be spread to every corner of the 182 communities in Hsinchu County, which further allows one step closer for the County to becoming the Age-friendly and Health City.

At the press conference of “2014 Health City Hsinchu Moving up─County Community Health and Vitality Contest” taking place in the first-floor hall of County government on the morning of Feb. 10, few sixty-something tea-picking “girls” from Chongxin Development Association of Xinfeng County took the stage to perform the health exercise with vigor and confidence. Magistrate Chiu even leaded the health exercise, and everyone then danced, moved and shook their waists and hips along with Chiu. How hilarious and energetic! It is expected that the promotion of exercise can inject a dose of energy into the whole Hsinchu County. 

Citizens of the township’s and city’s community development association interested in participating in the series events of contest need to register as a group in the name of community association. As for residents living in administrative districts where no community development association has yet been established, the registration should be submitted as a group in the name of village offices. One group must consist of at least 10 persons, with the maximum of 20 persons. The contest events include health exercise, line dance, singing, Taijiquan (太極拳), singing along, etc, and the registration should be submitted to each township or city office and done before March 15. Competitors who participate in the preliminary and semi-final can apply for the subsidy worth up to NT$ 10,000, and competitors who enter the top three in the semi-final can earn the rewards of NT$ 300,000, NT$ 200,000 and NT$ 100,000 respectively. 

Along with Magistrate Chiu, team of legislator Xu Xin-Ying, councilor Lu Tung-Wen, councilor Cheng Mei-Chin, councilor Shang Kuan Chiu-Yan, councilor Lin Pao-Kuang, Hengshan County mayor Gu Rong-Yao, and Zhuyi Community Development Association managing supervisor Lin Qing-Long also attended the press conference to witness the unveiling ceremony. All community residents and friends are welcome to take part in this grand contest to feel the vitality.

Source & Contact Person: Zhou Xiu-Mei, Social Affairs Administration Section of Social Affairs Department, Hsinchu County Government
Tel: 03-55181015 ext. 3125
Writer: Chen Chang-Shun