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2015 World Hakka Conference to take place in Hsinchu County: World Hakka Federation's grand event redefined as World Hakka Cultural Carnival
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

2015 World Hakka Conference to take place in Hsinchu County: World Hakka Federation's grand event redefined as World Hakka Cultural Carnival2015 World Hakka Conference, an annual event scheduled to span 4 consecutive days from August 31, 2015 to Sep. 3, 2015, will be jointly held along with National Hakka Yimin Festival. On Jan. 12, 2014, to bring the plan to completion, Hsinchu County government held a conference in the Briefing Room. As the Magistrate and Director-General of World Hakka Federation (WHF), Chiu Ching-Chun sent invitation to the President of WHF Wu Bo-Xiong, Senior Advisor to the President Rao Ying-Qi, National Policy Advisor to the President Zeng Yong-Jin, Deputy Director-General Lu Xue-Zhang, and supervisors of WHF to join the discussion over the organizational structures and activity schedules. Through the discussion in the preliminary stage, this great event was redefined as “World Hakka Cultural Carnival.” Wu Bo-Xiong then announced the official initiation of preparatory works, calling for local and oversea Hakka friends' collective support to push this great event to success. 

Since Hsinchu County government is experienced in holding large-scale events such as 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival and Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival, the success of 2015 World Hakka Conference in Hsinchu County must be foreseeable, president of WHF Wu Bo-Xiong stated. Wu added that local and oversea Hakka friends should mobilize themselves to lend support to the organizer─Hsinchu County government. He also emphasized that in conducting this event, Hakka friends must stick together and have more faiths in themselves since it is a matter of saving Hakka's faces. In old times, Hakka people were afraid to declare their identity, but nowadays, after their constant effort, they can feel comfortable with introducing themselves as Hakka, the senior advisor to the president Rao Ying-Qi remarked. Rao also said this phenomenon embodies the strength of Hakka's unity and he was glad to see this.

“Wherever the sun stays, the Hakka people stay,” stated Magistrate Chiu. Chiu added Hakka people must stick together to make good use of social resources, and thereby Hakka will get stronger and stronger day by day. 2015 World Hakka Conference will kick off in Hsinchu County, and the County government will be looking forward to receiving recognition and support from each county and city, especially the most Hakka-populated counties or cities. The County government is confident to present a stunning and successful World Hakka Conference to the whole world.

World Hakka Cultural Carnival, National Hakka Yimin Festival and World Hakka Folk Performance are 3 main themes of 2015 World Hakka Conference, according to the brief presented by Civil Affairs Department of Hsinchu County government. A string of dynamic and static activities have been organized. Dynamic activities include the Yimin-costumed performers’ re-enacting battles between Hakka martyrs (Yimin) and enemies , Hakka lion dance, creative street parade and divine pig painting, Hakka cultural and artistic evening party, bride welcoming ceremony of Hakka wedding traditions, Hakka folk song contest, Hakka God-welcoming festival, Hakka cuisine contest, Hakka folk arts show, etc. As for static activities, National “Hakka Yimin” Photo Contest, pasted-paper sculpture exhibition, creative divine pig painting contest and exhibition, cultural artifacts exhibition of Hakka food, clothing, houses and transportation, 12 major Hakka festivals scroll painting, oriental beauty tea fair, exhibition of Hakka native paintings and calligraphies, exhibition of Hakka agricultural tools, and Hakka Culture Forum and so forth. It is worth a visit!

Source: Civil Affairs Department, Hsinchu County Government
Tel: 5518101*
Compiler and Writer: Yang Hui-Juan