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More investments of English education resources injected into Hsinchu County: the County Government promoting English education step by step
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

More investments of English education resources injected into Hsinchu County: the County Government promoting English education step by stepTo raise the competitiveness of students in Hsinchu County, the County government has strived to lay a solid foundation of international education by expanding the investments of English educational resources. Since the inauguration of Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun, the County government, with limited financial budget, has carried out the recruitment of English teachers. A total of NT$ 42,000,000 have been appropriated for recruiting another 48 English subject teachers since the Academic Year 100. English was especially included in the first-grade curriculum, and as for curriculum for the third-grades or higher, English has already been listed as a subject by the Department of Education (DOE). The County government has engaged in negotiating with the DOE for subsidizing the recruitment of another 3 foreign teachers, and budgeted NT$ 5,600,000 for employing another 4 foreign teachers, thus attracting more foreign teachers and creating the No.1 English education environment. 

The primary task for foreign teachers is pinpointed to aid local English teachers with on-the-job training and teaching demonstration in the English Teaching and Learning Resource Center. Additionally, 4 others are to be achieved: (1) materials development and cases sharing in English teaching, (2) setup of consulting team and English teachers’ collaborative platform, (3) development of TBLT teaching approach, (4) field teaching and consultation in schools. With foreign teachers’ aids, it is expected to cultivate more local qualified English teachers. 

Based on the “2014-2016 Mid-term Plan for English Education in Elementary and Junior High Schools” proposed by the Hsinchu County Government, 2 to 3 foreign teachers will be recruited in the coming years in the hope of achieving the goal of “One Village One Foreign Teacher.” A series of basic, intermediate, advanced English courses as well as short-term study abroad courses will be designed for primary school teachers to attend, thereby encouraging senior English teachers to pursue English-related certificates. The teaching quality of English education can be ensured and improved as well.

It is believed that language learning should be integrated into daily life to ensure the most learning efficiency. As of today, 4 English real-situation classrooms have been launched in Hsinchu County’s Yuan Dong Junior High School, Da Du Elementary School, Chung Cheng Elementary School and Hsin Fong Elementary School since 2011. Teachers and students were all immersed in English environments. What’s more, in 2013, subsidies were issued to establishing language learning classrooms in Zhu Dong Junior High School and Hsin Hu Junior High School. Students are able to practice English reading, listening and spelling by using the facilities in the classrooms, and teachers can better understand their learning situations anytime. The “Vocabulary Competition” will announce its beginning in March, 2014 with its aim to examine students’ word recognition of English, and the results will be further employed as teachers' criteria to design courses and to implement remedial instruction. 

Contact Person: Wu Yi-Lun, Section Chief of Compulsory Education Section, Department of Education 
Tel: (03)5518101, ext. 2810