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Dongxing Canal Is Internationally Famous! Light Art Festival Artwork Tranquil Lotus Field Wins Silver Award at Sydney Design Awards
  • PostDate:2022-10-02
  • Modified Date:2022-12-26


One of the works in the 2021 Dongxing Canal Light Art Festival, Tranquil Lotus Field, won the silver award in the category of Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design in the 2022 Sydney Design Awards. This has not only made Dongxing Canal internationally famous, but also successfully enhanced the international reputation of Hsinchu County.


Officials from the Hsinchu County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau point out that the Sydney Design Awards are one of the nine major international urban design awards. The Sydney Design Awards were founded in 2010 by BETTER FUTURE, the world’s largest design awards network and a global design promotion organization. The judging panel is composed of 180 design experts around the world, covering a wide range of design fields including architecture, digital design, interior design, product design, and service design. The Awards are held in nine metropolitan cities on three continents, including Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Brisbane; they extend to 40 disciplines, making them a benchmark in the global design community.


Tranquil Lotus Field is a work designed by Liu Chih-liang, director of Golden Eagle International Lighting & Engineering Co., Ltd. Liu’s design creates a beautiful garden that within the city, and upon the water, by employing multiple lighting modules. In the outdoor open water area of Dongxing Canal, metal, optical glass, and lighting art are combined with tailor-made electronic music to create a wonderfully pleasing night vista. As the changing urban light environment and natural lighting cast reflections in the water, the artwork creates echoes between virtual and reality, and conveying the different emotions and music of nature between day and night.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke said that the Dongxing Canal Light and Art Festival, first held in 2021, is an emerging local festival in Hsinchu County. The event is sited within Dongxing Canal’s green environment and special canal system; the Festival combines unique light and shadow performances and artistic creations to convey the beauty of coexistence between modern cities and nature. It not only creates a festive year-end atmosphere, but promotes the local landscape and hydrological ecosystem, and builds up greater local consensus.


Liu Chih-liang explains that Tranquil Lotus Field, which is located in an outdoor open water area, was planned to integrate the local environment with a lighting show; the topography and monsoon climate around the canal informed the performance characteristics. Additionally, climate changes and sudden rainfall occurred during the exhibition period were hurdles that needed to be overcome for this artistic work. He thanked the Hsinchu County government team for their trust and support that allowed the work to be so well-presented.


Lee Anyu, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, pointed out that the 200-year-old Dongxing Canal is an important cultural asset that carries the stories of the plains Indigenous people and the Hakka ancestors. The Cultural Affairs Bureau will again to hold the Dongxing Canal Light and Art Festival this year, in hopes of attracting more people to visit the riverside park. In addition to enjoying a leisurely time, everyone will get a chance to have their imaginations of what a city can be inspired by the wonderful light art installation.