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Building a Sustainable Park in Dongxingzhen Creating a Green Map with the Public
  • PostDate:2022-09-15
  • Modified Date:2022-09-28

Building a Sustainable Park in Dongxingzhen  Creating a Green Map with the Public

The landscaping project for Zhubei Dongxingzhen is complete, while the ecological environment is gradually recovering. This year, the Cultural Bureau of Hsinchu County is launching a two-year community development project in Zhubei Dongxingzhen, where three sustainable design workshops and three green map workshops will be held. The public are invited to participate in the design of the sustainable park and create a uniquely Dongxingzhen green map. The public can also serve as volunteers for garden planting and maintenance in Dongxingzhen. The hope is to restore the historical and humanistic significance of the township’s water canals and create environmentally-sustainable future parks.


Director of Hsinchu County Cultural Affairs Bureau Lee An-yu states that with the completion of the landscaping project, Dongxingzhen has quickly become a popular recreational destination for residents. The Cultural Affairs Bureau has also successively organized many cultural events and fun activities as the overall ecological environment of Dongxingzhen gradually recovers. At the beginning of this month, the Dongxingzhen Ecological Environment Interactive Lecture for Parents and Children was held. Children of all ages were pleasantly surprised when they witnessed cicadas molting their carapaces on trees, as well as observed loaches, stone snails, and river clams in the water canal. Lee said that the existence of these biological indicators in a park in the city shows that the ecological environment of Dongxingzhen is gradually recovering.


The Cultural Affairs Bureau will hold three sustainable design workshops and three green map workshops in September and October, hoping to identify “indigenous water canal residents” and jointly create a livable community for all. Among them, the sustainable design workshop on September 17th, September 24th, and October 1st will invite You Nan-hsuen, an environmental education lecturer, to lead a study on Gongsan and Lusishiyi parks, to gain an understanding of the canals by collecting information on them such as water resources, soil, and geographical environment data. After data collection and discussion of preliminary planning ideas, You will introduce the application of design methods and principles, and integration of elements to create sustainable designs. The three sessions are continuous but participants can also register for just a single class. In consideration of the workshop content, participants must be at least 16 years old to register.


The Green Map Workshop dates are October 1st, October 15th, and October 22nd. The Wilderness Taipei Green Map team will lead participants in learning about the green map icons, conduct on site surveys, and create and draw in groups. In the process of green mapping, participants will make a tour of Dongxingzhen water canal ecology to explore interesting aspects of the aquatic environment, animal and plant habitats, and in the process of co-learning and creation, jointly construct a unique green map for Dongxingzhen. These three events are continuous and must be registered together.


Registration website: or check the  “Encounter . Link – Everyone’s Dongxingzhen” Facebook page.