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Launch of First Hsinchu County Startup Hub 14 Teams Settle In
  • PostDate:2022-08-05
  • Modified Date:2022-09-28

Launch of First Hsinchu County Startup Hub 14 Teams Settle In

Hsinchu Startup Hub, the first young entrepreneurship hub in Hsinchu County, was inaugurated today (8/5) at Minghsin University of Science and Technology. A total of 14 industry teams will be stationed there. The “A+ Hsinchu County Young Startup Guidance Group” was also formed. Through the county government’s assistance, 24 consultants will be on hand to provide legal, financial, and accounting consultation to young entrepreneurs.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke stated that this newly established Hsinchu Startup Hub is a milestone in Hsinchu County’s vision for innovation and for young entrepreneurship. Yang was particularly grateful to Minghsin University of Science and Technology for its cooperation with the county government. 14 young startup teams will be stationed at the Hub, and 24 experienced industry leaders will be available to mentor them through panels, and by providing practical knowledge and expertise on business operations. Young entrepreneurs will obtain all the tools necessary to successfully operate their business. Young people with entrepreneurial ideas and dreams are welcomed to participate in the Hub.


Hsinchu County’s Education Bureau pointed out that the Startup Hub is located in Minghsin University of Science and Technology, with 925.40 square meters of space. In addition to providing up to 55 companies with hot desks, there are shared office spaces that can accommodate more than 15 seats, startup offices for 19 companies, 1 co-learning classroom, 2 multi-functional meeting rooms, 1 conference room, and an exhibition space.


In addition to the unveiling of the Startup Hub and contract signing with young startup teams, it was also the founding ceremony for the “A+ Hsinchu County Young Startup Guidance Group.” Selected and appointed by the county government, the guidance group consists of 24 industry experts, scholars, and specialists from various fields. They will be paired up with young entrepreneurs to provide legal, accounting, human resource management consultation, as well as help with issues that young entrepreneurs may encounter in startups. With the Hsinchu Startup Hub’s full support, Hsinchu County young entrepreneurs will have the best environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Director of Hsinchu County Education Bureau, Yang Chun-Tzu, stated that together with industry, government and academia, Hsinchu County will provide young entrepreneurship consultation and counseling, conduct various training courses, meetings with industry leaders, and achievement expos at the Startup Hub in order for young entrepreneurs to realize their visions. The 14 startups selected this time will be stationed at the Startup Hub starting on the 1st. Award winning teams from previous entrepreneurial competitions include the “Bamboo Dream Young Ideas” and “Original Dream Creation.” Other stellar teams include “The 7 Chakras Hakka Tea,” and “Jiaji Black Pork Products.” For more details, please visit the Hsinchu Startup Hub official website (


The 14 startups stationed in the Hsinchu Startup Hub are as follows:

1.    Henyen Creative (website, graphic design and digital marketing)

2.    AI For Kids (AI textbook R&D, design, and educational activities)

3.    UrPalm Healthcare Tech (Cardiometer development and application, health care services and consultations)

4.    Winning English Co., Ltd. (online English teaching services, customized system for study tours, modular training for professional teachers)

5.    Hsiuhu Creative Studio (ceramic sculptures, artwork creation, product planning and design, packaging design)

6.    AIoT Co., Ltd. (AIoT is used in new construction projects for wastewater/water recycling system, professional consulting on water treatment and water recycling systems, water health inspection and consulting services)

7.    Tenda Technology (in the works, provide integrated circuit layout design services through individually assigned engineers)

8.    ChoozMo Inc. (AI text-to-video technology, AI video generation)

9.    Jiaji Black Pork Products (cold chain black hair pork sales and delivery services, various processed pork products)

10. Eight Five Three Tribe Firm (Atayal specialty cuisine, resource platform for the integration of indigenous wild vegetables)

11. Yupas Musong Farm (cultural experience, catering service, DIY calendula essential oil)

12. Blossom Lodge (catering services incorporating flavors from military villages, Hakka dishes, Taiwanese seafood, etc. and online sales of ingredients)

13. Qiyi Bow (DIY bow and arrow-making activities, archery teaching, Indigenous jewelry sales and other services)

14. The 7 Chakras Hakka Tea (a series of ethnic plant dietary products sold online)