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Hsinchu Takes Over Next Year’s National High School Games Yang Wen-ke: A Well Hosted Event to Welcome Everyone
  • PostDate:2022-07-27
  • Modified Date:2022-09-28

Hsinchu Takes Over Next Year’s National High School Games  Yang Wen-ke: A Well Hosted Event to Welcome Everyone

Participating in the 2022 National High School Games, the Hsinchu County team has brought good news! The team won 16 golds, 14 silvers, and 29 bronzes for a total of 59 medals! The team broke the Hsinchu County record for the most wins. Next year (2023) the National Games will be hosted by Hsinchu County. Today (7/27), a flag handover ceremony was held in Hualien County. Witnessed by Sports Administration Deputy Director Hung Chi-chang, Hualien County Deputy Magistrate Yan Hsin-chang handed the flag over to Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke. Yang emphasized that he will do his best to make sure that Hsinchu County is a worthy host of the event, and welcomes everyone from all over the country to visit Hsinchu!


Held in Hualien, this year’s National Games was affected by the pandemic. The game was suspended in the middle of April and resumed in July. It overcame many difficulties and came to a successful close today. Hualien County handed over the reins to Hsinchu County, the next organizer. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke received the flag symbolizing the inheritance of the splendor, excellence and brilliance of the National Games. The “Touchien” dance troupe, jointly formed by Hsinchu County primary and middle schools, performed “Touchien - Culture, Technology and Smart City.” The performance combined technology, Hakka and Indigenous cultural elements that represent Hsinchu. The superb performance provides a prelude to next year’s National Games in Hsinchu County.


Yang said that Hsinchu County is thriving in various sports performances. This year, the County team broke previous achievements and won 16 golds, 14 silvers and 29 bronzes, symbolizing the county’s vigorous athletic advancements. Next year, Hsinchu County will host the National Games competition for the second time in 47 years. This is a wonderful responsibility and an honor. This year, along with the Hsinchu County team, Yang is learning from Hualien County. “Each better than the last, each at its best.” He believes that Hsinchu can provide aa high-quality competition environment and experiences that allows the whole country see the hospitality, culture, and beautiful landscapes of Hsinchu County.


Hung Chi-chang said that this year is known as the longest National Games in history, and he also emphasized his confidence in the Hualien County team. Hsinchu County  will host the Games next year, and this year, Yang attended the Games in person to express Hsinchu County’s eagerness.


Yan Hsin-chang stated that 18,000 athletes participated in this year’s National Games, the most in its history. With the greatest number of competitions, 22, and the longest running time, Yan thanked all the staff, judges, and volunteers for doing their best under the arduous conditions of the pandemic. Everyone was devoted to putting on the best National Games, and implemented pandemic prevention regulations at every event and every venue so that each young athlete could put on their best performance. He wished Hsinchu County a successful event next year.


The Hsinchu County “Touchien” dance troupe is composed of dancers from Guangming Elementary School and Ziqiang National Middle School, and have won numerous national dance competitions. The artistic director is Wei Kuang-ching, considered a prodigy of Taiwanese modern dance. The performance started out with Wei Guangqing wearing VR glasses and performing modern dance to a back panel projection screen. He led the audience from the high mountain ranges of Hsinchu County into the windy tech hub. Ziqiang Middle School students played with bamboo instruments and metal rods to create ancient and modern percussion music. Then, Guangming Elementary School students, dressed as flower fairies, danced with  barbets, symbolizing the hardworking spirit of the Hakka people. Finally, Hsinchu County’s outstanding sporting events were presented, such as archery, rhythmic gymnastics, skating, and taekwondo. With the perfect fusion of dance, music and stage lighting, the performance expressed an interesting combination of indigenous and Hakka culture, alongside burgeoning modern technology that has built up Hsinchu County.


According to the Hsinchu County Education Bureau, Hsinchu County performed extremely well this year in five events, including track and field, judo, skating, archery, and taekwondo. The track and field event won 7 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes this year. Hsu Li-hung from Hukou High School broke last year’s records and won two gold medals in the 10,000-meter and 5,000-meter track and field events. Track and fielder Lin Pei-hsuan from Xiong-lin Junior High School won both the junior women’s pentathlon and high jump gold medal. Dongtai High School’s Chang Jia-yu won the high jump gold medal. Hukou High School’s Huang Yu-ti won the senior women’s triple jump gold medal. Xinhu Middle School’s Tseng Hsin-hui won the gold medal for junior women’s javelin. Hsinchu County track and field reached new heights this year.


In the judo event, Jianshi Junior High School won 4 golds and 1 bronze, and won the national junior men’s championship. Brothers Hsu Tzu-le and Hsu Tzu-yao each took home a gold medal. Their teammate Chung Yu-hsiang and Lin Shen-gen also each won golds. Accompanied by teachers and coaches, the Jianshi Middle School judo team  achieved outstanding and impressive performances.


Hsinchu County also excelled in the speed skating event. This year, a total of 2 golds, 2 silvers, and 4 bronzes were won. Yangde High School’s Tseng Jia-cheng and Fu Hsiao-yu each won a gold medal. In the archery event, Li Cheng-ying and Dai Chih-hsuan from Hukou High School won gold in the mixed doubles junior division. Yan Tzu-chiao of Shiguang Middle School won golds in the junior women’s individual archery competition. The taekwondo event achieved the best performance this year, winning 1 gold, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes. Huang Tian-hsin of Hukou High School won the gold medal in the junior women’s 68kg division.