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Qionglin’s First Featured Park Opens Unveiling Party and Fun with Residents
  • PostDate:2022-07-23
  • Modified Date:2022-09-28

Qionglin’s First Featured Park Opens Unveiling Party and Fun with Residents

After taking office, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke has been actively promoting 22 featured parks, including 19 in Zhubei City, and 3 in Qionglin, which are being renovated and are set to become inclusive parks, based on feedback submitted by local residents. Among them, Gongsi Park next to Qionglin Village Community Center has been upgraded to the “Gongsi Water Mist Nature Playground,” the first featured park in Qionglin Township. Today (7/23), a special “Park Unveiling Party II, Rice Paddy and Water Canal Sunset Celebration” was held. Yang, representatives from  Qionglin Township and a number of civil servants participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Children and adults of all ages were invited to experience the first-ever water mist park equipment in Hsinchu County - the best way to beat the summer heat.


Gongsi Park is located on Wenfu Street, close to popular venues and centers such as the Qionglin Starbucks, Qionglin Village Community Center. Next to the park is the Wuzuowu Canal, which irrigates countless fertile fields in and around Qionglin. The park boasts beautiful scenery and is perfect for recreation and fun. The unveiling party included performances by local groups and kindergarteners from Qionglin. The “Rainbow Girls Dance Troupe,” composed of immigrants to Hsinchu County, brought wonderful and diverse dance performances. Residents remarked that following the park’s renovation, there are now more spaces for play and leisure. Previously, there were only slides, but now there’s newly added exercise equipment for adults. Many parkgoers can also enjoy morning strolls along where the walkway connects to the river embankment, creating a loop. Afterwards, one can cool off in the park. The renovation is greatly appreciated. Today’s unveiling was accompanied by diverse performances, providing a very happy atmosphere where adults and children alike found relief and fun in the shade and spent a wonderful weekend together.


Yang stated that it’s his goal to take care of residents of all age groups. The same applies to featured parks. In line with the different demographics of each district, each park must include characteristics that reflect the local residents, with recreational equipment and physical fitness facilities that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of demographics. There are many middle-aged and elderly residents in Qionglin Township. Feedback obtained from focus groups concluded that facilities and equipment must not only be suitable for young children, but exercise and stretching equipment like waist stretchers, waist twisters, and elliptical machines for adults were installed next to the scenic platform. Now people can exercise and chat while enjoying a great view, and the park is now suitable for all ages to come and have fun together.


The park’s design was carried out in coordination with the surrounding landscape by incorporating a large number of natural materials for the paving work, integrating natural scenery, and reducing the use of plastic playground equipment. Among them, the “log parkour rope fitness equipment” and “rope slides,” rare in Taiwan, are suitable physical challenges for school-aged children to take on. In addition, the first water mist park equipment in Hsinchu County was set up in the park. Every day from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the mist is activated every hour on the hour, which not only effectively reduces the overall atmospheric temperature, but also creates a dreamy cloud and mist landscape.


The county government’s production and development office pointed out that the continuous population growth and the flourishing of Hsinchu County have also driven the development of neighboring towns and districts comprising Zhubei City. In addition to the Gongsi Water Mist Natural Playground in Qionglin Township, construction of the Gongyi and Gongsan parks are also under way. These projects will be completed by the end of the year, providing additional high-quality leisure spaces for residents of all ages. To learn more about the latest planning and development, visit the “Hsinchu County Park” Facebook page.