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YouBike 2.0 Launches Next Monday in Hsinchu County Same Fares in Greater Hsinchu
  • PostDate:2022-06-20
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

YouBike 2.0 Launches Next Monday in Hsinchu County   Same Fares in Greater Hsinchu

Hsinchu County YouBike 2.0 will be officially launched in Hsinchu County on June 27. Thirty-five stations will be opened in Zhubei City in the first stage, providing 270 bicycles for use. It’s expected to open another 15 stations before the end of August to complete the county’s goal of 50 stations and 400 bicycles in Zhubei City. Zhudong, Xinfeng, and Hukou will start their surveying and constructions next year, with an estimated 50 stations and 350 bicycles. Considering the convenience of the Greater Hsinchu co-living area, the Hsinchu County Government, the Hsinchu City Government, and the Hsinchu Science Park Administration have reached a consensus that a same fee rate will be adopted.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke said that local residents are eagerly looking forward to using YouBike. He’s heard the voice of the people. Last year (2021), the county government began to hold a public bicycle planning forum in Hsinchu County to collect public opinions, communicate with local governments, and choose the best locations so as to provide better services for residents. At present, it is expected to make 35 stations and 270 bicycles available in the first stage starting in Zhubei City. The stops include Chu-Pei Senior High School, Liou-Jia Senior High School, Po-Ai Junior High School, Dong Xing Junior High School, Taiwan Railway Zhubei Station, Hsinchu High Speed ​​Railway Station, and Taiwan Railway Lioujia Station. Other stops include residential parks, green spaces, and government offices.


Yang Wen-ke said that with regards to the ridership rates that the residents want to know most, the Hsinchu County government, the Hsinchu City Government, and the Hsinchu Science Park Administration, following the concept of the Greater Hsinchu Co-living Area, agree to adopt the same fare rate. Within the first 4 hours of a rental, it will cost NT$10 for every 30 minutes. Starting from the fourth hour to the eighth hour, it will cost NT$20 for every 30 minutes. Rentals lasting past the eighth hour will cost NT$40 for every 30 minutes. The ride subsidy program will be announced as soon as it becomes available. Detailed stop information can be found at:


If you have any issues while renting a YouBike, please call the YouBike Customer Service Center at 03-659-1122, or visit the YouBike website for more information. Website: .