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Kuanhsi Junior High School Qualifies for Babe Ruth League, Will Represent Taiwan in US Competition
  • PostDate:2022-06-07
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

Kuanhsi Junior High School Qualifies for Babe Ruth League, Will Represent Taiwan in US Competition

Congratulations! The Hsinchu County Junior Baseball Team won their golden ticket to become the national team. The Kuanhsi Junior High School Baseball Team recently participated in the National Junior Baseball Competition held by the Taiwan Babe Ruth Baseball League in Kaohsiung. It competed against 17 strong junior baseball teams and won the championship for the U13 category. Then in the championship star game, they defeated Pingshan Elementary School from Kaohsiung City with a score of 7:4. In August, they will form a national team to represent Taiwan in the Babe Ruth U12 World Junior Baseball Competition, the largest international competition in the United States.


After hearing the good news, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke expressed his congratulations and gratitude to the teenagers who won their victory and the principals and coaches who supported the growth of the baseball team along the way. He said that Kuanhsi Junior High School is a key school for baseball development in Hsinchu County. Through their systematic training in sports classes, Kuanhsi has overcome a dilemma faced by rural schools, cultivated countless baseball players, attained good results in various sports events, and created milestones for youth baseball teams in Hsinchu County. It’s expected that the youth team will show its strength in the United States and the world will see the children of Taiwan shine!


Kuanhsi Junior High’s Coach Tien Chia-an said that the opponents in this game were very good. The team will arrange a mock-up competition based on who the team’s opponent school will be so that the players can be easily changed throughout the game. The team will also arrange multiple simulation exercises to strengthen less-experienced players.


According to the rules, in this competition, students who are over 12 years old - primarily those in sixth grade and junior high first year students - are qualified to participate. Players Hu Chen-jui, Tien Ming-hsuan, Lin Cheng-chun, Lu Yu-min, and Chao Hao-yu, all from Kuanhsi Junior High School, are very good at pitching and hitting. Hu Chen-jui won an individual award, the Relief Man of the Year Award, in the competition. Pitcher Tian Ming-hsuan, with the fastest speed of 119 kilometers served as a backup pitcher, helped to secure their victory. Li Cheng-en even had his first home run in the Taiwan Babe Ruth League.


Following US baseball regulations, players aged 12 to 13 will be selected. About 12 to 15 players will form the Taiwan national team. The team is expected to fly to the US in July. Before the official competition, they will move to Vancouver and San Francisco for training and have cultural experiences through homestays with American families. Going abroad for them is not just about a competition, but also about experiencing a different culture and lifestyle. The team will travel to Missouri in August for the competition.