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“Appreciate Teng Yu-hsien’s Music” Flash Event Success Yang Wen-ke: Music to Soothe the Soul
  • PostDate:2022-05-28
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

“Appreciate Teng Yu-hsien’s Music” Flash Event Success   Yang Wen-ke: Music to Soothe the Soul

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. For more than two years, everyone’s mood has experienced ups and downs as the situation of the epidemic continues to evolve. It’s inevitable that people feel anxious as they try to keep the virus at bay. On May 28, the Hsinchu County Government held an “Appreciate Teng Yu-hsien’s Music” pop-up event at the Zhubei branch of the Far Eastern Department Store. A professional team suddenly appeared as famous composer Blaire Ko was playing “Four Seasons Red” and “Longing for the Spring Breeze” composed by Teng Yu-hsien, the father of Taiwanese ballads. The performance got many people stop in their tracks to listen. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke also participated in the performance with wooden cajon box drums, hoping to use music to ease everyone’s minds.


Yang said that today’s pop-up event was meant to spread love to everyone. He was moved to have an opportunity to participate in the event. It’s been hard for everyone trying to keep the pandemic away. Spreading warmth through music will help everyone to get through the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.


The event hopes to break people’s defense by surprise. The County Government chose to hold the event at Far Eastern Department Stores in Zhubei, hoping to entice people to stop and appreciate artistic and cultural performances that have been long suspended due to COVID-19. At the beginning of the event, the pop-up performance already drew in many shoppers. They were surprised to hear the well-known folk songs. The melody and rhythm were very beautiful. At the end of the pop-up performance, there was immediate applause.


According to Li An-yu, the Director of Hsinchu’s Cultural Affairs Bureau,  in order to cherish and recall Teng Yu-hsien’s outstanding contributions to local arts and culture, the Cultural Affairs Bureau held a memorial concert every year to commemorate the famed composer. This year, the commemoration started with the “Appreciate Teng Yu-hsien’s Music” pop-up event. Please tune in on August 6 for the “Summer, Love” Teng Yu-hsien Memorial Concert at the Teng Yu-hsien Cultural Park in Qionglin Township.  On August 14, tune in for the “Eastern Culture | Western Elements, Summer Concert.” Local residents are welcome to participate in supporting the performing arts. For detailed information, please visit the official website of the Cultural Affairs Bureau or the fan page of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Hsinchu County Government. According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, all members of the music groups participating in the performance will be performing after a testing negative for COVID-19 and the event site will also follow pandemic prevention guidelines.