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A Warm May Day in Hsinchu County--Yang Wen-ke Visits 13 Townships and Cities to Praise Model Mothers
  • PostDate:2022-04-19
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

A Warm May Day in Hsinchu County--Yang Wen-ke Visits 13 Townships and Cities to Praise Model Mothers

To thank mothers for their dedication and greatness, the county government launched a series of activities under the “Warm May Day, Express Gratitude to Mothers Every Day” banner, to promote the great spirit of every mother’s absolute dedication to their children. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke visited 18 model mothers from April 19 onward to pay his respects. He visited Xinfeng and Zhubei for the first time during his first trip. Magistrate Yang personally gave his blessings, hoping that through the praising of model mothers and an expression of gratitude to these mothers’ devotion, the public will be more aware of maternal contributions to society and take a step to express their gratitude to moms everywhere. Magistrate Yang congratulated every model mother and wished all mothers around the world a “Happy Mother’s Day.”


Magistrate Yang Wen-ke went to visit Wei Hsiu-jung from Xinfeng Township, Luo Hsu Shan-mei from Zhubei City, and Chiu Peng Hung-mei from Zhubei City on the morning of the 19th. On behalf of the county government, Magistrate Yang presented them with congratulatory gifts such as a “Model Mother” congratulatory plaque, glass trophy, and 3M air purifier. He further wished them good health and happiness.


Wei Hsiu-jung, a 68-year-old model mother from Xinfeng Township, was born in a farm family in Fengshan Village in Hukou Township. She developed her spirit of diligence, thrift, and hard work since childhood. After graduating from junior high school, she couldn’t continue her studies due to her family’s financial circumstances. To reduce the economic burden on her family, she began to work part-time to help out with family expenses. After graduation, she selflessly helped her family and helped her younger siblings to continue their studies.


The 86-year-old model mother Luo Hsu Shan-mei from Zhubei City was born in Hsinwu, Taoyuan County. There were seven brothers and sisters in the family. She was the third child, so she was named Shan-mei. Her family was poor since she was little. Due to a lack of educational opportunities and family factors, she was illiterate, but she was able to gain a life full of wisdom. After marriage, she and her husband, Luo Hsiang-chen, went into farming and raising pigs. She said that with a spirit of hard work, she raised four children. The children are very sensible and didn’t need her to worry. She was willing to be devoted to her family without any regrets.


Ms. Chiu Peng Hung-mei, 88, from Zhubei City, was born on a farm. After marrying Mr. Chiu Chang-yeh, the couple worked hard together for their family. The husband went out to work while Ms. Hung-mei took care of the domestic aspects of their marriage and raised their children so her husband wouldn’t need to worry about the home. She said that her leisure time is now spent growing vegetables by herself and taking care of her grandkids. Although she used to be busy with work and lived a hard, simple and thrifty life, she never complained. She was elated to receive this honor.