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Classic Musical “Cats” Staged for the First Time in Hsinchu County—Fans Enjoyed It!
  • PostDate:2022-03-18
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

Classic Musical “Cats” Staged for the First Time in Hsinchu County—Fans Enjoyed It!

The classic Broadway musical “Cats” toured for the first time in Hsinchu County. It was staged 6 times from March 17 to 20 at the Performance Hall of Hsinchu County’s Cultural Affairs Bureau. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke bought 10 tickets at his own expense and delivered them to the county residents who were lucky to win the prize. The actors in the play transformed themselves into cats with eccentric personalities. It was a wonderful performance. The audience couldn’t get enough of it!


“I’m so happy to see big-name musicals here!” Ms. Hsiao from Zhubei, one of the lucky ticket-winners, said that she used to go to other counties’ performing arts centers to watch stage performances and she wasn’t expecting to be able to enjoy it so close to Zhubei. Mr. Chu said that he was very happy to get a ticket from Magistrate Yang. He watched “Cats” in the United States more than ten years ago, and now he can see the original performance right in Hsinchu County. He got the chance to relive some of his experience back in the US.


Yang Wen-ke enjoyed the whole musical performance alongside other members of the public. He said that after the Cultural Affairs Bureau renovated and upgraded the venue and its hardware, Hsinchu County finally had an opportunity to host the popular musical “Cats” this year. It was an amazing performance in terms of both audio and visual effects. Each of the cat characters with their distinct personalities came alive in front of the audience’ eyes as if playing out all the drama of different people’s lives. For those interested in musicals, don’t miss your chance to see it!


The Cultural Affairs Bureau stated that the Bureau is committed to providing high-quality arts and cultural performance spaces for county residents. It’s also actively working to improve the quality of arts and cultural performances in addition to fostering the successful operation of local arts and cultural groups. Since the refurbishment of the performance center and the concert hall’s reception of a forward-looking subsidy of NT$13 million in 2019, both venue software and hardware have been continuously adjusted and updated. The venues provided by the Bureau have now joined the top ranks of other professional performance venues in Taiwan. They are appealing to many well-known art and cultural groups.