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Magistrate Yang Wen-ke Sends Female Staff in Hsinchu County Government Roses for Their Contributions
  • PostDate:2022-03-08
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

Magistrate Yang Wen-ke Sends Female Staff in Hsinchu County Government Roses for Their Contributions

The proportion of female colleagues in the Hsinchu County Government and its affiliated units has reached 61%. “Women Power” is the power behind over half of the services provided by the county government. For the upcoming International Women’s Day next Tuesday, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, Deputy Magistrate Chen Chien-hsien, and Secretary-General Chen Chi-yuan visited the Social Affairs Department, Public Health Bureau, Local Tax Bureau, and other government offices to express appreciation to every female staff member for their efforts in dutifully serving county residents, giving the female staff roses to wish them a happy International Women’s Day.  


According to County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, the highest-level female supervisors and bureau chiefs in the county government include Education Bureau Director, Yang Chun-tzu; Director of the Budget Accounting and Statistics Department, Huang Wen-ch’i; Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Li An-yu, and Commissioner of the Hsinchu Tax Bureau, Peng Hui-chu. Additionally, 50% of the division chiefs are female. Among the 2,212 employees in the county government and its affiliated agencies (not including police stations), 1,359 are women, accounting for 61% of the total workforce. Female employees are behind half of services provided by the county government. They are careful, decisive, and ever-persevering when it comes to work. When they leave the office each day, they also have take care of their families, which in the eyes of Magistrate Yang, is deserving of tons of respect.  


According to Magistrate Yang, during these last two-years of the COVID-19 epidemic, since the very start, in the face of this sudden and difficult new coronavirus, staff from the Health Bureau were busy day and night to prepare epidemic prevention materials and engaged in other disease prevention work, including infection information collection, planning quarantine measures, and testing. From last May to June when there was a Delta variant outbreak, staff in the Health Bureau were particularly busy the entire day. Many female employees sacrificed their family time and dutifully carried out their work, hoping that with everyone’s effort, the spread of the disease could be successfully prevented.


Magistrate Yang emphasized that in the future, he hopes to promote county governance and complete various policies together with this excellent group of colleagues, such as the county’s “five arrows” and ten transportation construction projects to move Hsinchu County towards becoming a place of even greater happiness!