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First of 22 Feature Parks Planned by Hsinchu County Government Breaks Ground County Magistrate Yang: “As Fun as the AI Smart Business Park”
  • PostDate:2021-10-20
  • Modified Date:2021-10-28

First of 22 Feature Parks Planned by Hsinchu County Government Breaks Ground County Magistrate Yang: “As Fun as the AI Smart Business Park”

Since last year, Hsinchu County Government has planned to “transform 22 local parks with a budget of NT$200 million over three years”. With citizen participation in various workshops, these parks are intended to be fun parks that are easily accessible. With the completion of construction of the AI Smart Business Park and Tung Hsing Tsun, the County Government will provide increased recreational spaces for the general public and families. Xinglong Park in Zhubei City (Public Park #24) is the first feature park among the 22 selected parks to break ground today (22nd). The total area of the park is approximately 1.2 hectares, and the park is designed with seven major themes, divided into different age groups and zones by landform, making it a playground suitable for all age groups. The German-imported butterfly climbing nets are the first playground equipment of their type in Asia. The goal is to build a natural playground in the urban area; construction of the park is scheduled to be completed in May next year.  

County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke and several Zhubei City councilors attended the ground-breaking ceremony to pray for the smooth completion of the park’s transformation. Magistrate Yang said that two years ago he met some parents and their children who suggested that Hsinchu County should build feature playgrounds. After listening to the suggestion, the County Government immediately reviewed its resources; subsequently, based on nearby urban development, demographic structure, traffic flows, existing exercise facilities, and usage rates, the County Government selected 22 existing parks located in Zhubei City and Qionglin Township to be transformed into feature parks. Moreover, since civil participation is emphasized, seminars and workshops have been held at the rural and urban village level. The design drawings are posted online to gather public opinion and create a dream park for everyone.   

Magistrate Yang stressed that this park is “as fun as the AI Smart Business Park.” Xinglong Park will be completed in May next year. The transformation project is designed by Notion Planning and Design Consultants, while Pan Dong Builds, winner of FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award, is in charge of construction. Phototroph Engineering Consultants are responsible for the actual execution. The specialized construction work and outstanding quality will make park visitors as if they have gone on a holiday in nature. The Hsinchu County Government will continue to share the latest information on the construction progress and other design drawings, so please follow the “Hsinchu County Parks” Facebook page.