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Hsinchu County BOO incinerator project breaks ground--Multi-party collaboration to push to begin operation by the end of 2023
  • PostDate:2021-07-26
  • Modified Date:2021-08-30

Hsinchu County BOO incinerator project breaks ground--Multi-party collaboration to push to begin operation by the end of 2023

Hsinchu County has been promoting private investment in the BOO project for high-efficiency heat treatment facility for waste. This morning (26th), the investor, Han-Yang Technology Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new construction project at the facility base. According to construction traditions and customs, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke, municipal council speaker Chang Chen-Jung, Chairman of Han-Yang Technology Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. and others attended the ceremony to pray for the smooth construction of the project. Due to pandemic prevention, the ceremony was kept dignified but simple to avoid crowds. The various parties joined hands to push for formal operation by the end of 2023.
County Magistrate Yang stated that the incinerator in Hsinchu County will be capable of burning 500 metric tons of waste per day, which will be adequate for the county. To ensure that the completion schedule and quality of the project are consistent with expectations, the County Government will require its Environmental Protection Bureau to use high-tech methods to survey and analyze the impact of the construction, and reference neighboring counties and cities for input. Before operation begins, regulations for feedback funds will also be formulated to provide substantial assistance to the community residents. These are the duties of the County Government. It is committed to adopting the most pragmatic approach to achieve a sound infrastructure construction and work hard for the next 30 years of prosperity in Hsinchu Count.
The Environmental Protection Bureau explained that because Hsinchu County currently has no waste treatment facility, daily household waste generated in the county must be handled by other counties and cities. Often, because of annual repair or renovation projects in the incinerators in other counties and cities, wastes cannot be delivered for treatment. As a result, wastes are temporarily kept in the county’s landfill, posing difficulty and secondary pollution to the community residents. Moreover, the population of Hsinchu County has been increasing gradually over the recent years, resulting in the issue of waste disposal becoming more serious. Therefore, building a waste treatment facility is a necessity. It is one of the important projects in the Five Targets of major constructions promoted by the Hsinchu County Government.
Chairman Chen stated that the site of the Hsinchu County incinerator project is located in the Baziku area of Zhubei City. It is adjacent to the southbound exit of the Fengbiwei Tunnel on Provincial Highway No. 61 and occupies an area of about 2.7 hectares. In the future, it will receive household waste and general business waste from the 13 towns and cities in Hsinchu County. It can process 500 metric tons of waste per day. After incineration, the bottom ash will also be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The company is a local enterprise, and is committed to being practical, giving back to the community and performing its best every step of the way.
The Environmental Protection Bureau further pointed out that to solve the problem of waste disposal in Hsinchu County, it is also cooperating with the diversified waste disposal programs of the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan. By introducing private funds and technology, the public and private sectors can collaborate to address the issue of wastes. Hence a public tender for BOO investment was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. The investor, Han-Yang Technology Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. adopts advanced and high-efficiency waste resource recycling technologies that have a low environmental impact and high energy conversion rate, thereby achieving both waste treatment and resource recycling benefits. After the groundbreaking and the construction of the incinerator begins, the company will supervise the various projects to ensure that they meet completion schedule. In addition, the company will be required to fulfill its various commitments and feedback items so that Hsinchu County can become a new technology and smart city that properly handles waste and provides a friendly environment.