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The Park of the Hsinchu County International AI Smart Business Park will officially open tomorrow-- County Magistrate Yang will be unboxing together with children!
  • PostDate:2021-08-06
  • Modified Date:2021-08-19

The Park of the Hsinchu County International AI Smart Business Park will officially open tomorrow-- County Magistrate Yang will be unboxing together with children!

The park that children have been long waiting for will be officially opened to the public tomorrow on Saturday (7th). Planned by the Hsinchu County Government, the park covers a very spacious area of 2 hectares for children and senior citizens to share. Seven types of unique, fun and popular play equipment have been installed in the park, which will become a new attraction for "walking children". Recently, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke, Executive Secretary Yang Yi-Ching of the Hsinchu County Child Friendly Promotion Association, which focuses on the play rights of children, and many parents, visited the park to experience its facilities with the children.
County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke indicated that he received many suggestions from parents when he took office. They hoped that Hsinchu County would build more feature parks to provide children with better play spaces. The park was planned at the same time as the Hsinchu County International AI Smart Business Park. After two years of environmental assessment, urban planning changes and construction, the County Government rebuilt the original green energy park into "the first inclusive park in Zhubei City". It hopes that after this park opens, children and adults alike can come to the park together to enjoy an urban jungle adventure and relief the stress of living under the pandemic.
County Magistrate Yang also pointed out that all parks run by township offices in Hsinchu County are now open. The parks will be fully disinfected from time to time. The hoops in basketball courts in the Zhubei area are currently being reinstalled and the basketball courts are expected to be open for use next week. He also reminded the public to wear a mask when using the parks and courts, and abide by the relevant pandemic prevention regulations to protect self and others.
The County Government’s Department of Economic Development indicated that the park of the International AI Smart Business Park offers planned spaces and facilities for use by all ages from preschoolers to the elderly. Its playground equipment and facilities for public use are also CNS12642 certified. In the beginning of this year, they were tested out by the Hsinchu County Child Friendly Promotion Association and the Taiwan Parks & Playgrounds for Children by Children, and received positive reviews.
According to the Department of Economic Development, the playground equipment in the park includes a "Slide Area" that uses the height differences in the terrain to design a three-dimensional integrated play space. The area has two slides that are more than 2 meters long, monkey bars and a small hide-and-seek play space. The "Pushbike Arena” is the first arena in Hsinchu County designed for preschoolers and children to practice their pushbikes. Based on the fluctuations in existing terrain, two venues with different difficulty levels were planned to provide children with a venue for balance training. The "Zipline Playground" includes both a harness type and a seat type zipline adventures to give children an exciting time sliding down the ziplines. There are also Saucer Swings for parents and children to enjoy together, and they can swing sitting up or lying down.
The "Sand Pit Area" is suitable for little children. It provides a space for children to expand their creativity. It comes with a small foot washing pool for cleaning up after play. The "Forest Play Area" has a popular giant family slide, climbing tunnels and a rock-climbing area, playground spinners, balancing beams and steppingstones, swings, and many other kinds of equipment to provide games and fun and muscle strength and balance training.
The park of the Hsinchu County International AI Smart Business Park is located at the intersection of Zhubei’s Zhihui 2nd Road and Zhuangjing 1st Road.