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County Magistrate Yang inspects the completed International AI Smart Park public constructions, smart streetlights and air monitoring installations
  • PostDate:2021-08-02
  • Modified Date:2021-08-19

County Magistrate Yang inspects the completed International AI Smart Park public constructions, smart streetlights and air monitoring installations

Hsinchu County is a major high-tech industrial town. In the face of artificial intelligence trend sweeping across the world, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke is fully promoting the International AI Smart Park to position AI industry clusters and innovative technology research and development in the county, coupled with the forward-looking program of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the International AI Smart Park is recently completed after two years of planning, environmental assessment and urban planning changes and one and a half years of design and construction. The completed works include widened and new road systems, air quality testing and smart streetlights. Today (2nd), County Magistrate Yang inspected the completed works with his county government team.
County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke indicated among the "Five Targets" of major construction that he promoted for Hsinchu County, the International AI Smart Park is the quickest to come to fruition. This project was awarded more than NT$400 million in funds from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' forward-looking development program for local industrial parks and NT$80 million in matching subsidy from the County. Situated at the junction of Zhuangjing 1st Road and Zhihui 2nd Road in Zhubei Township, the International AI Smart Park is located near high-tech industries such as the Hsinchu Science Park, the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, and the Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park. Therefore, it not only extends the advantages of existing industries but also facilitates the development of new AI industries. Hopefully in the future, it will attract AI talents, accelerate industrial innovation, and accelerate the pace of Hsinchu County's cultural, technology, and smart city development.
The Department of Economic Development pointed out that the International AI Smart Park covers a total area of about 12.61 hectares. Public works in the park were completed in March this year, and include underground public pipelines and road systems built on existing idle and undeveloped land. In addition, wireless networks, air monitoring and water quality monitoring systems, smart streetlights and other facilities have been installed. Furthermore, about 2 hectares of land on the north side of the park have been transformed into the first inclusive flood detention park in Zhubei Township.
In particular, the air monitoring system installed in the park can monitor the AQI index of the air, including suspended particulates, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ozone (O3), and transmit the monitoring data to administrators via the Internet of Things system to provide them with pollution alerts and reference. At the same time, the system can automatically transmit the values to electronic billboards in the district for viewing by passing pedestrians and traffic. The smart streetlight system can detect on-site illuminance of different environments to turn the lights on or off according. It is also equipped with a reporting function for failure.
Furthermore, about 8.06 hectares have been designated as the industrial zone. Investment Promotion was completed in 2020 and a total of 4 large AI factories will be stationed. Construction on the plants will be completed in 2023, and once in operation, the factories are expected to create 4,000 jobs and generate an output value of NT$100 billion.