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Hebe's very independent centenarian grandfather Sung Tseng-Tu wins the Hsinchu County Model Father Award
  • PostDate:2021-07-31
  • Modified Date:2021-08-19

Hebe's very independent centenarian grandfather Sung Tseng-Tu wins the Hsinchu County Model Father Award

Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke recently visited 16 model fathers in 13 townships and thanked them for their dedication to their families. On July 29, County Magistrate Yang, accompanied by his wife Kan Hsiu-Mei, Council Speaker Chang Chen-Jung, Xinfeng Township Mayor Hsu Chiu-Tse, Hukou Township Mayor Lin Chih-Hua and others paid a visit to the homes of three model fathers in Xinfeng Township and Hukou Township. They presented each father with a wooden plaque inscribed with the words “Loyalty and Filial Piety Run in the Family”, a Tatung electric pot and a glazed glass trophy embossed with the county emblem, and wish them a happy Father’s Day.

Among the 16 model fathers selected by Hsinchu County, the 100-year-old Sung Tseng-Tu is the oldest. He is the grandfather of artist Hebe. According to Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke, Sung Tseng-Tu was born in a rural area and had strict family upbringing. He graduated from a national school during the Japanese occupation and tested into the Railway Bureau. However, because the farm needed help, he resolutely resigned from public office to take care of the family. He has 6 sons and 3 daughters. Rural farm life was very difficult. Therefore, he encouraged his children and grandchildren to study hard. He cultivated the land throughout his life and is a role model for his children. He often provided farm work opportunities for friends who had lost their job.

Sung Tseng-Tu proudly said that he can still ride a motorcycle on his own and regularly volunteers at a local temple, which greatly impressed County Magistrate Yang. Sung is very passionate about public welfare and is widely respected by his neighbors. His philosophy is to be happy in what he does and serve the public. He takes care of his own daily living and does not want to inconvenience his children. He spends his days weeding and watering his garden. Each morning, he picks and shells the coffee beans he cultivates, works under the sun, and is very happy.

In his earlier years, Sung Tseng-Tu had served as the Chair of the Rui-Xing Community Senior Citizens Association for many years. He often organized activities and managed its public accounts with precision. He was well admired, and membership in the Senior Citizens Association grew vigorously. In recent years, he has joined the Daily Happiness Association and represented the County on many national competitions, winning first prizes and honor for Hsinchu County. Sung Tseng-Tu said that he is very grateful to everyone for their care. He mentioned that he is very happy to have been dancing with Daily Happiness Association until his 100th birthday and will continue to participate!

Sung Tseng-Tu also said that he is very happy to have nurtured a son who achieved a doctorate in engineering. His son has been invited to serve as the Chief of the Office of Maintenance to help the Taiwan Railways Administration resolve problems following the Puyuma accident. Among his family, ten have master's degree, and most of the others have graduated from universities and found their place in society. One of his granddaughters, Hebe is a well-known star, making him a very happy grandfather.

Hsu Shou-Rung, an 80-year-old from Xinfeng Township, is a farmer who was born in Shangkeng Village, Xinfeng Township. After graduating from a vocational high school of agriculture, he worked in the Taoyuan Management Office of the Irrigation Agency for 40 years until he retired. He and his wife have a daughter and two sons, and after his retirement, he helps his wife manage a clothing boutique. In his spare time, he serves as a consultant for the Shu Foundation and the San Yuan Temple in Zhong-Lun to give back to society.

County Magistrate Yang said that Mr. Hsu is very diligent in his work and is an optimistic person. The family lives together in harmony under the same roof. His richness in life is not in the accumulation of wealth, but comes from experience, dedication, diligence, and determination. Such honor cannot be bought with money. His lifelong commitment to his family has won him the well-deserved award, and he is a model for everyone.

Hsu Shou-Rung humbly expressed his happiness and fortune in being awarded the Model Father Award. He started his career from the bottom to provide for his family and is grateful to his superiors for recognizing his work and promoting him to the cadre. He remained at his job until retirement. In parenting his children, Hsu did not expect them to score 100 points in tests, and only required them to achieve 80 points. As long as they are law-abiding and down-to-earth, he is very happy. In his younger days, he farmed fish in the evenings after work to support his family of five.

Hsu Shou-Rung’s daughter, Hsu An-Yu, said that she will always remember her father’s favorite words that “Honor is not something money can buy, so pursuing our honor surpasses everything.” Her father repeatedly impressed upon them that moral education is very important, and since she was a child, she has been very proud of her father’s integrity.

Eighty-year-old Lo Mei-Feng is from Hukou Township. After graduating from Yu Da University of Science and Technology, he worked in executive positions in several technology companies for several decades. County Magistrate Yang said that Mr. Lo is very diligent in his work and even after retirement, he continues to be happy to help others. He lives a simple life and is thrifty to support his family. He is a loving husband and father and gets along well with his neighbors. He also serves as an officer in the Hexing Village Community Association and is dedicated to his work. His family is harmonious, amiable and happy, and is the envy of the community.

Lo Mei-Feng’s eldest son, Lo Shi-Ying, said that his father is very honest and loyal, so he is well-liked by both his colleagues and neighbors, making his son feel very proud of him. He is always telling his children to be honest and be diligent about everything they do, and sets a good example for everyone. After his retirement, he joined many clubs and contributed to the clubs by using his financial expertise to help the clubs manage their finances.