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Ceramic board artworks displaying the achievements of Hsinchu County Government officially unveiled
  • PostDate:2018-12-14
  • Modified Date:2018-12-28

Ceramic board artworks displaying the achievements of Hsinchu County Government officially unveiled

On December 14, Hsinchu County Government held a press conference at Hsinchu County Stadium to unveil a series of ceramic board artworks that display the major constructions of the county government over the past nine years. The 24 ceramic boards, designed and produced by Holoung Company Ltd., were installed on the walls of Hsinchu County Stadium. The artworks not only add some artistic atmosphere to the passageway, but also show the citizens what the county government has achieved these years.



Over the past nine years, Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun has led his team to carry out many policies at a steady pace. To improve the county's financial situation, the government has taken austerity measures while actively shooting for resources and financial assistance from the central government. Thus, a lot of major constructions could still be finished. These constructions include a total of nine bridges: Zhongzheng Bridge, Zhulin Bridge, Xinglong Bridge, Zengchang Bridge, Yixing Bridge, Bogongqi Bridge, Xinle Bridge, Yufeng Bridge, and Ruifeng Bridge. In addition, to provide better education for a growing number of pupils and to enhance educational equality, five schools, including Xinglong Elementary School, Dongxing Elementary School, Liujia High School, Anxing Elementary School, and Dongxing Junior High School, were built. As to the cultural construction, the county government celebrates Sky-mending Day and holds Hakka Yimin Festival every year. Many tourist attractions, such as Hexing Railway Station, Neiwan Railway Line, Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park, Qingquan Tribe, Frog Rock Trail, and Zhudong Cultural and Creative Park also draw swarms of visitors. All of these representative constructions have shown the county government's endeavor.


At the press conference, Holoung Company Ltd. also presented the county government with smaller framed copies of the artworks to appreciate its dedication to the change and growth of Hsinchu County., Holoung Company Ltd., based in Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, is one of the affiliated companies of HCG Group. With its philosophy—sincere, creative, and satisfactory, the company has been devoted to the development and production of ceramic boards since its establishment in 1973. Its products, which feature nanotechnology, are stain-resistant, odor-resistant and antibacterial. These years, the company has engaged in the research and development of digital glaze and become the leading company in this field. We can often see its products in MRT stations, on campuses, and in museums.