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Enjoy performances and win prizes in 2018 Hsinchu County Cultural Festival
  • PostDate:2018-11-16
  • Modified Date:2018-11-28

Enjoy performances and win prizes in 2018 Hsinchu County Cultural Festival

The annual Hsinchu County Cultural Festival grandly kicked off at Zhudong Cultural and Creative Village on November 10. This year, Hsinchu County Government invites people to seven local museums to experience time travel. At 2 p.m., students from Wufeng Elementary School started the opening ceremony by singing the song, “The beautiful Memories,” followed by a show presented by Hyper Kids’ Theater and an ocarina performance given by the students from Zhudong Elementary School. At last, YOYO Family’s Orange Brother and Guinea Pig Sister met their little fans. Kids and their parents alike had a lot of fun together. Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun specially awarded a certificate of Appreciation to Wufeng Elementary School and Zhudong Elementary School for their effort to promote local cultures.



Right after the opening ceremony, a series of events were officially launched. There were exhibitions held in the seven local museums, an achievement presentation showcasing the creative works of young people, and a market selling cultural and creative items. From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on November 10, visitors could join in a challenge game and gather seven stamps to qualify for a lucky draw campaign. The prizes included luggage cases, mugs, and aboriginal style bags. During the festival, people who collect all the souvenir stamps of the seven museums are also able to get a limited edition passport-like notebook.



Magistrate Chiu showed that every museum in Hsinchu County has its own feature. For example, Hsinchu County Archive tells of the history of Hsinchu County for hundreds of years. Zhuding Township’s Shuqilin Culture Hall displays traditional life of Hakka people. Wufeng Township’s Museum of Indigenous Peoples, Museum of Saisiat Folklore, and Jianshi Township’s Museum of Indigenous Culture allow people to know more about the cultures of indigenous peoples in Taiwan. Old Hukou Catholic Church Museum integrates both Chinese and Western elements. Lastly, Former Residence of Zhang Xue-liang is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of mountains and forests. In the refreshing autumn, it is a great choice to have family trips to Hsinchu County and enjoy its natural and cultural beauty.