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Hsinchu County's Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially unveiled
  • PostDate:2018-10-22
  • Modified Date:2018-11-16

Hsinchu County's Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially unveiled

With an expenditure of NT$ 460 million dollars, Hsinchu County's first sports center, Zhubei Civil Sports Center, was officially unveiled on the morning of October 17. After a splendid lion dance performance presented by the students from Tongtex Secondary High School, Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, Former Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-pin, and Former Hsinchu County Deputy Magistrate Chang Jen-hsiang cut the ribbon together. Hsinchu County Government Education Department stated that according to the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, Zhubei Civil Sports Center will be operated by Far East Steel Safe Manufacturing Co. Ltd., which has years of experience in running sports centers. The operator will hire professional trainers and offer various courses to draw more citizens. It is scheduled to be open to the public in December at the earliest.



"It's been one of the county government's goals to provide well-rounded sports facilities," Magistrate Chiu indicated. He sincerely appreciated those who had facilitated the establishment of Zhubei Civil Sports Center, including the Council for its consent to the proposed budget, Former Zhubei City Mayor and Current Councilor Yang Jing-si for his proposal to build the sports center, Former Deputy Magistrate Chang Jen-hsiang for gaining financial support from the central government, and Sun-Sea Construction Corporation and Mao-Li Engineering Company for the construction project. In addition, Magistrate Chiu also showed gratitude to Former Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-pin for involving Hsinchu County in the 2017 Summer Universiade. Thanks to the event, the sports facilities in Hsinchu County was refurbished and turned world-class. "Now, a new sports area has been created. It's a significant step to make Hsinchu County a LOHAS city," Magistrate Chiu claimed.



To promote exercise, Hsinchu County Government applied to Sports Council, which later became Sports Administration in 2013, for the construction of the sports center and planned six major sports facilities. With NT$200 million obtained from Sports Administration and NT$260 million financed by the county government itself, Zhubei Civil Sports Center could finally come into existence after the construction team's relentless effort.



Located at the intersection of Guangming Sixth Road and Zhuangjing South Road, Zhubei Civil Sports Center is a building with five stories above ground and one story underground. It includes a fitness center, aerobics classrooms, badminton courts, a table tennis room, and a multifunctional space. With Zhubei Civil Sports Center, Hsinchu County Natatorium, Hsinchu County Gymnasium, and Hsinchu County Second Stadium all situated in the neighborhood, the area forms a sports complex that provides the citizens with better sports facilities. This also shows the determination of Hsinchu County Government to make its people healthy and athletic.



Ms. Chang Jen-hsiang recalled that the population of Zhubei City had not reached the threshold as Hsinchu County Government applied for the construction of Zhubei Civil Sports Center for the first time. Thankfully, Magistrate Chiu's resolution finally received positive responses from the central government. Former Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-pin also praised Magistrate Chiu for his vision and great execution.