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A thousand participants join in a hiking tour to warm up Xinpu Township's Persimmon Festival
  • PostDate:2018-10-08
  • Modified Date:2018-10-18

A thousand participants join in a hiking tour to warm up Xinpu Township's Persimmon Festival

Xinpu Township's Hankeng Village is known as "the home of dried persimmons." To boost Xinpu Township's persimmon industry, enhance the development of its agricultural communities, and encourage people to do more exercise, Xinpu Township Farmers' Association held a hiking tour on October 7. Participants gathered at Art Square beside Xinpu Township Office, set off for Jinhan Dried Persimmon Farm, where they tried peeling persimmons, and turned back to Art Square at last. It was a 5.6 km route along which water stations were accessible to the participants. Upon being publicized on the website, the activity received an overwhelming response, and registration was full in an instant.



Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun said that the hiking tour was a warm-up activity for the annual Persimmon Festival. Persimmons are a local specialty of Xinpu Township. With great effort, the agricultural production and marketing group has been improving cultivation techniques and farm management. This fruit plays an important role in the promotion of Hsinchu County. "Exposed to the sun and dried by natural winds, the dried persimmons produced in Hsinchu County are of high quality and by no means inferior to those produced in Japan or any other country," Magistrate Chiu emphasized, inviting everyone to Xinpu Township to savor this special treat.



The 2018 Persimmon Festival was officially inaugurated at Xinpu Township Farmers' Association on the morning of October 13. In cooperation with Hsuan Chuang University for the first time, this year's Persimmon Festival features a fashion show of persimmon-dyed clothing and the launch of new persimmon related products, such as persimmon flavored bread, cake and ice cream. To promote the persimmon industry, Xinpu Township Farmers' Association holds a series of activities, including a fair selling agricultural specialties and rice foods, a lucky draw in which winners can bring a box of persimmon mochi back home, and a limited-time sale. Besides, free tea drinks, rice foods, and art performances were all available there.



As for the transportation, visitors can take advantage of the free shuttle bus service provided by Xinpu Township Office on October 13, 14, 20, and 21. The home of persimmons is definitely worth a visit!