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Citizen of Hsinchu County Luo Wei-min wins gold medal at the Asian Games, with an eye towards the 2020 Olympics
  • PostDate:2018-09-07
  • Modified Date:2018-10-03

Citizen of Hsinchu County Luo Wei-min wins gold medal at the Asian Games, with an eye towards the 2020 Olympics

As a citizen of Hsinchu County, Luo Wei-min, who attended the archery competition at the 2018 Asian Games, won Taiwan’s first gold medal in the men’s team recurve on the morning of August 27th. After knowing the news, Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun and Council Speaker Zhang Zhen-rong paid a special visit to his family in Xinfeng Township to give their congratulations. In addition to presenting his family with a scroll saying “The Honor of Hsinchu County,” they also made a video call to encourage Luo Wei-min, who then was still abroad, to compete in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.



Magistrate Chiu indicated that Wei-min showed great team spirit to defeat their opponents. He vied for the victory of their team and brought honor to his hometown.

His coach Wu Sheng-qian showed that Wei-min had practiced cycling at first before his father advised him to change his career plan for the sake of safety. “He is a hard-working athlete. This is his first time to attend such a big event, but he had great performances at the Summer Universiade and Asia Cup before, Coach Wu added.”



Luo Wei-min, who is 24, has an elder brother and a younger brother. All of them receive training in archery. His father said that Wei-min has practiced archery since the first grade of junior high school. He felt happy his son’s effort did pay off, and he hoped his son could have even better performance in the future.



Hsinchu County Government Education Department indicated that among the 588 athletes attending the 2018 Asian Games on behalf of Taiwan, five were from Hsinchu County. Luo Wei-min, who is currently doing the replacement military service, started to practice archery with his elder brother after being transferred to Po-Ai Junior High School. He has been trained and led by Coach Wu Sheng-qian. With great performance in archery, he then studied in Zhubei Senior High School and National Taiwan Sport University. According to the athlete reward regulation of Hsinchu County, Luo Wei-min will receive NTD 286,700 from the county government.