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Magistrate Chiu feels honored to serve as Miyazaki Ambassador due to great dedication to Taiwan-Japan exchanges
  • PostDate:2018-08-10
  • Modified Date:2018-08-16

Magistrate Chiu feels honored to serve as Miyazaki Ambassador due to great dedication to Taiwan-Japan exchanges

On July 26th, Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun led little and junior league baseball teams from Shangzhi Elementary School and Qingshan Community to Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan for the Taiwan-Japan Junior Baseball Friendly Tournament. The tournament has been held for 8 straight years. The exchanges between Miyazaki Prefecture and Hsinchu County has extended from sports to agriculture, culture, tourism and trade. Magistrate Chiu, who is also the Chairman of Hsinchu Meat Market, has introduced Miyazaki Beef into Taiwan this year. The beef not only satisfies the taste buds of the people in Hsinchu County, but also stimulates the economy for both cities. Due to Magistrate Chiu's efforts to establish partnership between Taiwan and Japan, Miyazaki Prefecture Government specially awarded a certificate of commissioning to Magistrate Chiu as Miyazaki Ambassador. Magistrate Chiu hoped Hsinchu County could have further cooperation with the cities in Japan.

Deputy Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture shows that there are only four Miyazaki Ambassadors so far. In addition to Magistrate Chiu, the other three are Japanese entertainer Mondo Otani, (also known as Mondo or 夢多) who currently works in Taiwan, Former Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka, Fukuoka Branch, Rong Yi-jun, and Taiwanese Representative in Miyazaki Prefecture, Lin Rong-yao.

Magistrate Chiu indicates that Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture signed an MOU in February, 2017. Both governments hope to have artistic, industrial, educational, agricultural and economic exchanges. In fact, Former Speaker of Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly and Chairman of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association, Toru Hoshihara, arranged friendly baseball games for junior baseball teams from Taiwan and Japan as early as 2011. Till now, the baseball teams from Hsinchu County head to Japan in the summer vacation, while the baseball teams from Miyazaki Prefecture come to Taiwan in the winter vacation. It is hoped that those young Taiwanese and Japanese players can broaden their horizons and experience in international events.

In addition to athletic exchange, Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture and members of the Assembly visited Hsinchu County and exchanged ideas about industrial and academic development. As to the music and cultural exchange, Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School Concert Band gave a splendid performance in Hsinchu County, while Hsinchu County's Tzuchiang Junior High School Concert Band, Emei Bilingual Junior High School Dance Club, and Beipu Elementary School Choir attended the Miyazaki International Music Festival and Miyakonojo Boys & Girls Choir Concert. Moreover, Mr. Hoshihara, along with the members of Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly, provided scholarships of 106,000 dollars and 54,000 dollars respectively for Zhongshan Elementary School and Guanxi Junior High School. In recognition of Mr. Hoshihara's contribution to the friendship between Taiwan and Japan, Magistrate Chiu also awarded him Honorary Citizenship of Hsinchu County at the welcome dinner party held by the Japanese during his visit.