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Yang welcomes a year for responsibility and progress at new year’s flag raising ceremony
  • PostDate:2023-01-01
  • Modified Date:2023-03-01


“This is a key year for responsibility and progress,” said Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke at today’s new year flag raising ceremony (Jan. 1). In addition to reopening the collaboration platform between Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, Miaoli and the Science Park, the county is also hosting the National Middle School Athletic Games, and actively participating in the 2023 Hakka Expo. Magistrate Yang personally accepted the petition against the Hukou funeral home, promising that the county government will be listening to issues brought up by the residents, reflecting and discussing as needed, taking in helpful suggestions, and giving explanations in the face of misunderstandings. He believes that support will come when there is sincere communication.


This year’s focus will also be on the “five arrows project, 10 transportation construction projects, inclusive parks, the green coastal scenery tourism project” and administrative reforms and measures that will streamline administrative processes and boost convenience for residents; he will be requesting to simplify complex forms, paperwork and administrative processes, as to prevent any “sludge” from wasting resources and clogging administrative efficiency. Upon his re-election, he also promised to continue the care program for residents, young and old, working for Hsinchu County to flourish over the next 30 years and shaping the county to become “The Tech Capital, Happy Hsinchu County.”


The New Year’s flag raising ceremony was held at the County Government Square, with the International Nature Loving Federation of the ROC opening the ceremony with the songs ,“The March of Mother Nature’s Youth” and “We are a Family Everywhere,” with sunny smiles and energetic performances that instilled a bright energy at the start of the new year. Chung-shin High School’s female honor guard and National Zhubei Senior High School’s dance clubs performed with vigor and youthful passion to the delight of the crowd, and as the Army Academy’s marching band played, the national flag with its blue sky, white sun and wholly red earth was brought in, guarded by the Hsinchu Hesung Military Police, accompanied by the singing of the Hngyang Na Ataya choir, giving the ceremony a grand and solemn air.


Magistrate Yang presented plaques of appreciation to all the organizations responsible for holding and helping with the ceremony, expressing his gratitude for their support and assistance. The attendees include the speaker, deputy speaker and councilors of the Hsinchu County Council, as well as nearly 3,000 excited residents who had arrived at the square early in the morning, making the event a lively one.


After the flag raising ceremony, Magistrate Yang and the guests fired off pistols at the square (Xianzheng 6th Rd), signaling the start of the New Year Walk, with over 2,500 people walking 3.5 kilometers to begin the new year. Amid a happy atmosphere, walkers were presented with cute bunny hats. Hsinchu County is also where people like to exercise the most in Taiwan, Yang noted. As County Magistrate, he has been prioritizing sports development since taking office in his first time. Aside from establishing sports centers, he has also worked on actively training and sponsoring talented athletes, ensuring that sports and exercise are here to stay in Hsinchu.